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Clifford T. Ward lyrics
Genre: Rock
Singer Songwriter (1972) 01. Coathanger lyrics
02. Sam lyrics
03. Leader lyrics
04. A Dream lyrics
05. Anticipation lyrics
06. Rayne lyrics
07. The Session Singer lyrics
08. Carrie lyrics
09. God Help Me lyrics
10. The Cause Is Good lyrics
11. Sympathy lyrics
12. Circus Girl lyrics
13. You Knock When You Should Come In lyrics
14. Sidetrack [*] [add]

Home Thoughts from Abroad (1973) 01. Gaye lyrics
02. Wherewithal lyrics
03. The Dubious Circus Company lyrics
04. Nightingale lyrics
05. Where Would That Leave Me [add]
06. The Traveller lyrics
07. Home Thoughts from Abroad [add]
08. Where's It Going to End [add]
09. Time, The Magician [add]
10. Give Me One More Chance lyrics
11. Cold Wind Blowing lyrics
12. The Open University lyrics
13. Crisis lyrics

Julia and Other New Stories (1995) 01. Cliff Richard's Message [add]
02. Heaven lyrics
03. Julia [add]
04. Jackdaw lyrics
05. The Dancer lyrics
06. Sunshine Girl lyrics
07. New English Bible lyrics
08. Who Cares lyrics
09. Marron's Glance [add]
10. Unmarried Mother lyrics
11. I Don't Understand Your Logic lyrics
12. Heaven Lend a Hand [add]
13. Taking the Long Way Round [add]
14. That's the Way Our Love Goes [add]
15. This Is the Stuff (Stuck in the Llift) [add]
16. Water lyrics
17. Marble Arch lyrics
18. Give Me One More Chance lyrics
19. Sweetness and Light [add]
20. Weather lyrics
21. Lullaby lyrics
22. Jigsaw Girl [Acoustic] [add]
23. Lost in the Flow of Your Love [add]

Hidden Treasures (2001) 01. All That Glitters Is Not Gold lyrics
02. Jenny lyrics
03. My, My What a Day [add]
04. I'd Like to Take You out Tonight [add]
05. Wait a Minute You Fool [add]
06. Session Singer lyrics
07. Learning My Part lyrics
08. Love in the Song [add]
09. The Mule lyrics
10. Sympathy lyrics
11. The Gloria Bosom Show lyrics
12. Sylvie lyrics
13. Not to Mention Her Smile [add]
14. Got to Get into Your Way of Life [add]
15. Trousers lyrics
16. Here's 'Til Then lyrics
17. There's No Such Thing lyrics
18. Attraction lyrics

The Ways of Love (2001) 01. Taking the Long Way Round [add]
02. Let's Be Fools Again lyrics
03. Gaye lyrics
04. Up in the World [add]
05. It's a Nice Day [add]
06. Contrary lyrics
07. It's Better to Believe [add]
08. Jesus of Long Ago [add]
09. Realisation lyrics
10. Ocean of Love [add]
11. Maybe I'm Right lyrics
12. Some Uncertainty lyrics
13. Fast Sinking lyrics
14. Climate of Her Favour [add]
15. My Goddess lyrics
16. Discernible lyrics
17. Thinking of Something to Do [add]

Both of Us (2003) 01. Still Not Free lyrics
02. Messenger lyrics
03. Watchin' the TV News [add]
04. Leaving lyrics
05. Both of Us [add]
06. Where Do Angels Really Come From? [add]
07. Contrary lyrics
08. Before the World Was Round [add]
09. Waiting for the Garda [add]
10. Change of Heart [add]
11. Twenty Minutes lyrics
12. The Best Is Yet to Come [add]
13. Spoken Word Extract from Bittersweet (The Clifford T. Ward Story) [add]

Work in Progress (2003) 01. Reckless lyrics
02. Losin' After All (Nothin' New) lyrics
03. Sal lyrics
04. Somebody Stole My Woman lyrics
05. You're No Angel lyrics
06. So Bright [add]
07. Give Up the Younger Man [add]
08. Someone I Know lyrics
09. Detriment lyrics
10. If I Had Known lyrics
11. Laugh It Off lyrics
12. Still Not Free lyrics
13. Convertible [add]
14. Before the World Was Round [add]
15. Takin' the Long Way Round [add]
16. Change of Heart [add]

No More Rock 'N' Roll (2004) 01. Gentle lyrics
02. Secretary lyrics
03. Birmingham lyrics
04. Up in the World [add]
05. Summer Solstice lyrics
06. Jayne from Andromeda Spiral [add]
07. Tomorrow Night lyrics
08. No More Rock 'N' Roll [add]
09. Gandalf lyrics
10. For Emily lyrics
11. When I Found You lyrics
12. Easy, Baby [add]
13. Secretary [alternate take/*] [add]
14. Up in the World [alternate take/*] [add]
15. Tomorrow Night [alternate take/*] [add]
16. For Emily [alternate take/*] [add]
17. Easy, Baby [alternate take/*] [add]

Sometime Next Year (2005) 01. Prams lyrics
02. Who Cares lyrics
03. Another Radio Station lyrics
04. Quiz Show lyrics
05. They Must Think Me a Fool [add]
06. Sometime Next Year lyrics
07. Losin' After All (Nothing New) [add]
08. Stains lyrics
09. Turbo lyrics
10. Like an Old Song [add]
11. Today in Parliament [add]
12. Lost in the Flow of Your Love [add]
13. Cricket [*] [add]
14. Laugh It Off [*] [add]
15. April [*] [add]
16. Home [*] [add]

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