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Lee "Shot" Williams lyrics
Genre: Blues
Cold Shot (1995) 01. If It Wasn't for Bad Luck [add]
02. Love Is a Cold Shot [add]
03. Drop Your Laundry [add]
04. Boogie Down on the Weekend [add]
05. Drowning on Dry Land [add]
06. I Feel an Urge Coming On [add]
07. High Steppin' Mama [add]
08. Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye) [add]
09. Who Is He (And What Is He to You)? [add]
10. Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You [add]
11. How Do You Want Your Thrill [add]
12. I'm Tore Up [add]

Hot Shot (1996) 01. I'll Take the Risk [add]
02. Make Me Holler [add]
03. Somebody Took My Girl and Gone [add]
04. Times Are Tough [add]
05. Boogie Down on the Weekend [add]
06. Lovin a Different Woman Ain't the Same [add]
07. I Like Your Style [add]
08. You Made a Believer Out of Me [add]
09. You've Got to Try Me [add]
10. Down in the Hood [*] [add]

She Made A Freak Out Of Me (2000) 01. She Made a Freak Out of Me [add]
02. Your Hoochie Boyfriend [add]
03. It's Blues Party Time [add]
04. Somebody Blew the Whistle on Me [add]
05. On the Love Flight [add]
06. I Got What I Wanted But I Lost What I Had [add]
07. Ain't No Heartache Medicine [add]
08. Sure Shot Man [add]
09. Sex Starved Lady [add]
10. Midnight Love [add]

Somebody's After My Freak (2001) 01. Somebody's After My Freak [add]
02. Do What You Do [add]
03. Let's Party Now [add]
04. Back in Trouble Again [add]
05. Who's Knockin' the Boots [add]
06. I'm Gonna Be the One to Make You Happy [add]
07. Freakology [add]
08. Do We Keep Hanging On [add]
09. The Strong Do Cry [add]
10. Cheatin' Fever [add]

Let the Good Times Roll (2002) 01. Let the Good Times Roll [add]
02. Get Away [add]
03. Ain't Getting No Easier [add]
04. Southern Girl [add]
05. Sex Me Up [add]
06. Ain't No Use [add]
07. Ain't No Woman [add]
08. Shaky Ground [add]
09. Crossroad [add]

Get Down Tonight (2003) 01. Get Down Tonight [add]
02. You Got That Voodoo [add]
03. My Kinda Lady [add]
04. Who's Your Daddy? [add]
05. Somebody's Changin' My Sweet Baby's Mind [add]
06. Caught in the Middle [add]
07. Juke Joint Slide [add]
08. Give Me All Your Love [add]
09. Back Door Lover [add]
10. Cheatin' Is a Risk [add]

Nibble Man (2005) 01. Just Another Hole in the Wall [add]
02. Ghetto Party [add]
03. You're Slackin' Up in the Bedroom [add]
04. Ease on Down in the Bed [add]
05. I'm a Nibble Man [add]
06. I Gotta Go Home So I Can Get My Freak On [add]
07. Party Woman [add]
08. Nothing But Party Blues [add]
09. That's Really What the Blues Is All About [add]
10. Ease on Down in the Bed [Radio Version] [add]

Starts with a P. (2006) 01. Everything I Like to Eat Starts with a "P" [add]
02. You've Been Lying [add]
03. Meat Man [add]
04. It's Your Party [add]
05. Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven [add]
06. You Don't Have to Be a Freak to Do Freaky Things [add]
07. Who's Knockin' Boots? [add]
08. It's Not What You Got, It's What You Do with It [add]
09. I Never Loved a Woman the Way I Love You [add]
10. Why Am I Always at the End of Your Love Line? [add]

Meat Man (2006) 01. Meat Man [add]
02. Secret Love Affair [add]
03. Times Are Tough [add]
04. Make Me Yours [add]
05. I Got What I Wanted But I Lost What I Had [add]
06. I Found a Love [add]
07. Ease on Down the Bed [live] [add]
08. Midnight Love [add]
09. I've Got a Problem [add]
10. I Ate Too Much Over the Holidays [add]

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