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Orange Cake Mix lyrics
Genre: Rock
More Mellow Hits (0000) 01. Girl on the Film [add]
02. Faithful [add]
03. Melanie Knows Why [add]
04. Goodbye Why [add]
05. Glitter Daze [add]
06. If You Were Here [add]
07. Like the Sun [add]
08. As Days Go By [add]
09. We Went to Graceland [add]
10. Fall From Grace [add]
11. Anticipation [add]
12. Before the Summer Fades Away [add]
13. Transcendental Airways [add]

Silver Lining Under Water (1997) 01. Streetlights and Stars [add]
02. '67 Chevy Malibu [add]
03. Like Warm Velvet Static [add]
04. Bird Song [add]
05. Out the Door [add]
06. The Ballad of Sonny Jim [add]
07. Glitch [add]
08. Twilight Sleep [add]
09. Half-Baked Elegy [add]
10. Alice Coltrane [add]
11. The Soul of Trees [add]
12. I Honor the Light That Shines Within You Close to Heaven/Always by Yo [add]
13. Close to Heaven/Always by Your Side [add]

Dream Window (1999) 01. When Summer Returns [add]
02. Maybe Its All a Dream [add]
03. Void If Otherwise Unknown [add]
04. Revelation at 3:33 am [add]
05. Dream Wave Tapestry [add]
06. Poem for Walrus [add]
07. Sugar Maple [add]
08. Radio Magic Static [add]
09. Dreaming of You [add]
10. Blissful Trip [add]
11. Versus [add]
12. Glaze [add]
13. Long Lost [add]
14. Joy of Painting [add]
15. Sonic Surfer 2009 [add]
16. Silver Lining Under Water [add]
17. She Needs Space (And Time) [add]
18. Song About Floating Down [add]
19. Feel Your Desire [add]
20. Plastic Fish [add]

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