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Genre: Rock
Kid in a Big World (1975) 01. Goodbye Suzie [add]
02. Family Man [add]
03. The Flame [add]
04. Maybe Someday in Miami [add]
05. Gone Away [add]
06. Missing Key [add]
07. Spellbound [add]
08. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner [add]
09. Deadly Nightshade [add]
10. Kid in a Big World [add]
11. Third Man [*] [add]
12. Small Town, Big Adventures [*] [add]
13. Pearl Parade [*] [add]
14. Party Deux [*/demo version] [add]
15. Werewolves [*/demo version] [add]
16. Cue Dream Sequence [*/demo version] [add]
17. Goodbye Suzie [*] [add]

Technicolour Biography (2004) 01. Take Up Your Partners (Prologue) [#] [add]
02. Technicolour Biography [#] [add]
03. Oh Dad (Look What You've Done) [add]
04. Blink in the Darkness [#] [add]
05. The Deal (Good, Good Lovin') [add]
06. Don't It Just Hurt [#] [add]
07. Hall of Mirrors [#] [add]
08. Coconut Bible (Wear My Doubts Like Ivy) [#] [add]
09. Lonely Woman [#] [add]
10. The Other Side of Town [#] [add]
11. Just Waiting Here for You [#] [add]
12. Take Up Your Partners (Finale) [#] [add]
13. Kid in a Big World [#/*] [add]
14. Family Man [#/*] [add]
15. Goodbye Suzie [#/*] [add]
16. Casting Shadows [*] [add]

The Dangerous Hours (2005) 01. The Luxury of Rain [add]
02. Such a Drag [add]
03. Save the Days [add]
04. Expect the Unexpected [add]
05. Maintaining the Anger [add]
06. What a Carry On [add]
07. Silent Madness [add]
08. And Even Now [add]
09. Without a Kiss [add]
10. Blame the Night [add]
11. Early Closing Days [add]
12. The Dangerous Hours [add]
13. Death and the Bridesmaid Boy [add]
14. Dear Glitterheart [add]

Can You Hear Me OK? (2005) 01. 19th September [add]
02. Frightened Now [add]
03. Two People in the Morning [add]
04. You Keep Me Steady [add]
05. Finally Adored [add]
06. Can You Hear Me OK? [add]
07. You're Mine Tonight [add]
08. Missing You [add]
09. Play Me a Love Song [add]
10. I Got My Lady [add]
11. I Can Breathe Again [*] [add]
12. You Take My Breath Away [*] [add]
13. Don't Shine Your Light [*] [add]
14. Baby Go Now [*] [add]
15. I Got My Lady [multimedia track] [add]

As I Was Saying (2005) 01. Taking It All to Heart [add]
02. The Dilemma of the Homosapien lyrics
03. Lonely Again (Brenda's Song) [add]
04. Oh, Do Give It a Rest, Love [add]
05. Dear Glitterheart [Twig the Wonder Kid Mix] [add]
06. Magic of the Mystery [add]
07. These Fifty Years [add]
08. Sanctuary's Sojourn [add]
09. A Kind of Aching [add]
10. Life Is Never the Way We Want It to Be [add]
11. The Time of Day [add]

Same Bed, Different Dreams (2007) 01. My Girl by the Temptations [add]
02. Success [add]
03. Ever the Moon [add]
04. A Day in the Life of Gutter Bitch [add]
05. A Death in the Life of Gutter Bitch (Cut!) [add]
06. They [add]
07. Oh Midnight [add]
08. Sacred Heart [add]
09. Laura Coming Home [add]
10. The Builder from Heaven [add]
11. Same Bed, Different Dreams [add]
12. Punchin' Judy [add]
13. Stardust Falling (For Jebriath) [add]
14. 'Til Then [add]
15. The Season of Loss [*] [add]
16. Definitely This Morning...? [*] [add]

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