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Genre: Rock
For Those About to Shop, We Salute You (2005) 01. Great Nachos, Great Price [add]
02. Say Hello to Your Brand New Favorite Pizza [add]
03. One Donut a Day [add]
04. Fried Chicken [add]
05. Bran Flakes [add]
06. We're Gonna Kick Your Ass Today [add]
07. Time for Tennis [add]
08. European Football [add]
09. Baseball Is Fun [add]
10. Golf [add]
11. Golf Is Groovy [add]
12. Muffler Shop [add]
13. At the Bar [add]
14. London's Calling [add]
15. Health Food Store [add]
16. Pita City Falafel [add]
17. Truck Drivin' Man [add]
18. Big Mamma-Jamma [add]
19. This Is One Hell of a Truck [add]
20. Good Woman, Good Truck, Good Life [add]
21. Nice Motherf@#!*&g Truck [add]
22. More Blades = Better Shave [add]
23. You've Got to Have Faith (In Your Anti-Perspirant) [add]
24. That Aint Fresh [add]
25. Mouthwash [add]
26. Coffee Breath [add]
27. Do You Like Waffles? [add]
28. Waffles Are Outrageous [add]
29. Dippin' [add]
30. Got to Dip It! [add]
31. Everyone's Dipping [add]
32. Beer in a Can [add]
33. You Need a Beer [add]
34. You're My One, You're My Only, You're My Beer [add]
35. Drinkin' a Beer With My Lady [add]
36. Light Beer [add]
37. It's the Greatest Deal [add]
38. Don't Wait Too Long [add]
39. Blue Light Special [add]
40. This Sale Is Going to Blow Your Mind [add]
41. Big Sale [add]
42. Mucho Cafeino, Pico Dinero [add]
43. Drinkin' Time! [add]
44. You Ain't Never Drank No Soda Like This One Here [add]
45. She Likes Yoo-Hoo (More Than She Likes Me-Hoo) [add]
46. Leprechaun's Holiday [add]
47. Life's Too Short [add]
48. Why Do I Always Get in the Wrong Line at the Grocery Store? [add]
49. You Can't Sleep [add]
50. You Need Our Cold Medicine [add]

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