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Hum Machine lyrics
Genre: Rock
Speed Kills the Dying Beat (1996) 01. Hello, Tomorrow [add]
02. Roll the Carpet [add]
03. Lumber [add]
04. Give [add]
05. Shlack [add]
06. Mop It Up [add]
07. Sink [add]
08. Shudder [add]
09. Hello, Tomorrow (Reprise) [add]

The Trance Voltage Solution (1998) 01. Techno Pologies [add]
02. Padded Rooms [add]
03. Lotus [add]
04. Wine and Roses [add]
05. Dhinia's Gauge [add]
06. T.V. Pride (Twice on Sunday) [add]
07. Your Hair... My Ass [add]
08. Drinking Gasoline [add]
09. No Blue Sky Fantasies [add]
10. Captain Chud D [add]
11. Jon Clod Van 60 [add]
12. Tomstone Blues [add]

No Joy in Mudville (2002) 01. 10, 000 More Times [add]
02. Local Hero [add]
03. Dawn of the Dead [add]
04. Open Your Piehole [add]
05. Single Hound [add]
06. Marstown [add]
07. Close Your Eyes [add]
08. Andrew [add]
09. Looking for a Witness [add]
10. Mica [add]
11. Orson Welles [add]
12. Obits and Pornos [add]

Theorems and Compositions Of (2003) 01. Bring It on Pepeyon [add]
02. Remember When [add]
03. Remote From Below [add]
04. Mechanical Devices [add]
05. Twisted Niche [add]
06. It's Gotta Be [add]
07. Spinning Round [add]
08. Laughing As You Cry [add]
09. Eli Night [add]
10. Open Letter to Jonny [add]
11. Coming Down [add]
12. Reno [add]

Songs Before the Blackout (2005) 01. The Saints [add]
02. Dump Truck [add]
03. Got Her Number [add]
04. Hot Karl [add]
05. If You Have Ghosts [add]
06. Life in Leeds [add]
07. High and Lonesome [add]
08. Blue [add]
09. Des Moines [add]
10. Other Side of the Other World [add]
11. You Were Wrong [add]

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