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Jack Grunsky lyrics
Genre: Children's
Jack in the Box, Vol. 2 (2001) 01. Good Morning Sunshine [add]
02. The More We Get Together [add]
03. Let's Play [add]
04. Polly the Parrot [add]
05. My Name Game [add]
06. Mrs. Tuckaway [add]
07. Percussion Band [add]
08. Street Beat [add]
09. A Family of Ducks [add]
10. Do the Bird [add]
11. Les Petites Marionettes [add]
12. Looth Tooth [add]
13. The Lion Sleeps Tonight [add]
14. By the Light of the Moon [add]
15. My Tree [add]
16. Storyteller [add]
17. Dream Catcher [add]
18. Live in Your Imagination [add]
19. Water from the Well [add]
20. Sleep My Little One [add]
21. Beat of My Heart [add]
22. What a Wonderful World [add]

Playground (2001) 01. Gypsies [add]
02. Victoria Village School [add]
03. Playground [add]
04. My Window [add]
05. Let's Paint a Picture [add]
06. Children of the Morning [add]
07. Your Hands [add]
08. Little Samba Girl [add]
09. The Bamboo Flute [add]
10. Do the Dino Rap [add]
11. La Bamba [add]
12. Bamboo [add]
13. Paddle My Canoe [add]
14. Michael Row the Boat Ashore [add]
15. Cello [add]
16. Good-Bye Song [add]

Dancing Feet (2004) 01. Iko Iko [add]
02. (Cumbia Cumbia) Skip to My Lou [add]
03. Carnival Parade [add]
04. Supermarket Tango [add]
05. Alligator Stomp [add]
06. Dance of the Seasons [add]
07. Dancing at the Cactus Flower [add]
08. Mexican Hat Dance [add]
09. Cha Cha Cha [add]
10. Pyjamarama [add]
11. La Bamba [add]
12. Do the Dino Rap [add]
13. Sing & Dance [add]

Follow the Leader (2004) 01. My Name Game (Jack in the Box #2) [add]
02. Good Morning Sunshine (Jack in the Box #2) [add]
03. Let's Play (Jack in the Box #2) [add]
04. Street Beat (Jack in the Box #2) [add]
05. Let's Paint a Picture (Playground) [add]
06. Polly the Parrot (Jack in the Box #2) [add]
07. I Can Read (Jack in the Box #1) [add]
08. Songbirds (Jack in the Box #1) [add]
09. Do the Bird (Jack in the Box #2) [add]
10. Grasshopper (Sing & Dance) [add]
11. Jumpin' Beans (Sing & Dance) [add]
12. Percussion Band (Jack in the Box #2) [add]
13. Your Hands (Playground) [add]
14. Good Bye Song (Playground) [add]

World Safari (2004) 01. Siyanibingelela [add]
02. Gypsies [add]
03. Paddle My Canoe [add]
04. Moose & Caribou [add]
05. (It's Raining, It's Pouring) Big Thunder Cloud, Dark Cloud [add]
06. Little Samba Girl [add]
07. My Tree [add]
08. Mrs. Tuckaway [add]
09. Up the River [add]
10. Dream Catcher [add]
11. Water from the Well [add]
12. All the Rivers Flow Down [add]

Sing & Dance (2004) 01. Happy Day [African Highlife] [add]
02. School Days [Soca Calypso] [add]
03. Sing & Dance [Brazilian Samba] [add]
04. (Cumbia Cumbia) Skip to My Lou [Columbian Cumbia] [add]
05. You're Never Alone [Folk Ballad] [add]
06. Jumpin' Beans [Action Song] [add]
07. Dancing at the Cactus Flower [Tex-Mex 2-Step Dance] [add]
08. Fruit Salad [50's Doo-Wap] [add]
09. My Grandma & Me [Boogie Woogie Blues] [add]
10. Something to Share (Song for Unicef) [add]
11. Tanzen und Springen [Renaisance Instrumental] [add]
12. Put Another Log on the Fire (Winter Song) [Folk Pop] [add]
13. Waiting (Song for Spring) [add]
14. Grasshopper [Country Folk Blues] [add]
15. (It's Raining, It's Pouring) Big Thunder, Dark Cloud [add]
16. Dance of the Seasons [Middle Eastern Dance] [add]
17. Allons Danser Colinda [French Louisiana Cajun Dance] [add]
18. The Mouse Band [Marching Parade] [add]
19. Up the River [New-Age Ballad] [add]
20. Kokopelli [Ancient Indian Legend] [add]
21. Music [Nouveau Flamenco Ballad] [add]

My Beautiful World (2006) 01. It's a Great Day [add]
02. Wherever the Children Sing [add]
03. Penguin Shuffle [add]
04. Look Who's in My Family [add]
05. School Bus Driver [add]
06. Dancing Around the Fire [add]
07. Lugar Bonito (Pretty Place) [add]
08. Pots & Pans [add]
09. Veggie Dip Doo Wah [add]
10. Home-Made Cooking [add]
11. Mediterranean Sea (Love Reaches Everywhere) [add]
12. Mayim (Water) [add]
13. Pet Song [add]
14. Lady Bug [add]
15. Butterfly [add]
16. Bedtime Bolero (A Song for Parents) [add]
17. Meadow [instrumental] [add]

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