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Iris Gillon lyrics
Genre: New Age
You Are the Forest (1980) 01. Early Birds Wake Us, Singing in the Morning Light, Happy in Their Tre [add]
02. Head-Set Disciples, Sneaker Devotees Running -- City Park Health Cult [add]
03. Distant Laughter of Sprightly Elves Climbing Trees -- Enchanted Fores [add]
04. Jungle Tiger Prowls Through a Thick Green of Wild Woods, Looking For [add]
05. Though They Cannot Fly, Squirrels Leap from Branch to Branch, Floatin [add]
06. Hunters Riding High, Invading Wild-Life Forest -- Aiming Guns to Shoo [add]
07. Fall Leaves Turn the Woods Ablaze as the Sun Goes Down [add]
08. City Roofs Planted a Forest of Atennae in Earth of TV's [add]
09. Crackling Fire: Forest Campers Spinning Tales of Space Adventure [add]
10. One Roaring Airplane Drowns Out a Thousand Voices of the Quiet Wood [add]

You Are the Sunshine (1980) 01. Pale Moon [add]
02. Radiant Iceberg... [add]
03. Sun Peeks... [add]
04. Snowflakes Glisten... [add]
05. Tough Motorcyclists... [add]
06. Solitary Leaf... [add]
07. Plastic Monsters [add]
08. Caribbean Clouds... [add]
09. Angel Strums Gold Harp... [add]
10. I Look in Your Eyes... [add]

You Are the Rain (1989) 01. Raindrops Softly Fall Against the Window Pane--Summer Symphony [add]
02. A Flower Bending Under the Heavy Downpour, Struggling to Stand. [add]
03. Summer Drizzle: Brittle Summer Pearls Roll Down Birch Twigs [add]
04. Rainbow Marks the Sky Ater a Sudden Storm--Raindrops Not Yet Dry [add]
05. After the Rain Chipmunk Wrestling With Large Mushroom [add]
06. Getting Very Wet, Walking Briskly to His Date, Singing in the Rain. [add]
07. Listen to the Beat: Joggers in the Rainy Street, Running, Sloshing Fee [add]
08. Cold Wind, Autumn Rain; Wet Trees Shiver in the Yard--It Is Warm Insid [add]
09. Running in the Rain, Boys Playing the Game of War--How Happily They D [add]
10. Outdoor Concert Casts a Spell upon an Audience--Sudenly It Rains. [add]

You Are the Wind (1989) 01. Summer Breeze Dissolves the Morning Haze, Rustling the Leaves [add]
02. Girl in Sunny Breeze Twirls the Spoon as She Gazes into Her Tea Cup [add]
03. Kite Spiralling High Powered by a Mighty Wind Alive in the Sky [add]
04. Majestic Tall Ships Sail into New York Harbor, Greeting Bystanders [add]
05. Curious Humans Bounce on Wind-Swept Face of Moon in Ten-Foot High Lea [add]
06. Cars Creeping Like Snails; Homebound Commuters Caught in Icy Winter G [add]
07. Whither Does It Go, the Distant White Sail Driven by Wind? I Don't KN [add]
08. Wind-Burned by Sandstorm, Cowboy Rides Through the Desert, Chasing a [add]
09. My Beloved Sings, Her Voice Carried by the Wind Enters My Heart [add]
10. Summer's Memory Captive in Fallen Leaves, Dispersed by the Wind [add]

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