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Jimmy McCracklin lyrics
Genre: Blues
Jimmy McCracklin Sings (1961) 01. Later On [add]
02. The Walk [add]
03. I'm Through [add]
04. Country Baby [add]
05. Hurt Me [add]
06. New Orleans Beat [add]
07. I Know [add]
08. I Am the Blame [add]
09. He Knows the Rules [add]
10. Get Tough [add]
11. Come On [add]
12. Take Care of Yourself [add]

My Rockin Soul (1963) 01. Couldn't Be a Dream [add]
02. Oh Baby [add]
03. You Don't Seem to Understand [add]
04. Reelin and Rockin Twist [add]
05. I Can't Tell [add]
06. I'm Gonna Tell Your Mother [add]
07. My Mother Says [add]
08. That Ain't Right [add]
09. Please Forgive [add]

Every Night, Every Day (1965) 01. The Walk [add]
02. You're the One [add]
03. Looking for a Woman [add]
04. Just Like It Is [add]
05. Believe in Me [add]
06. Can't Raise Me [add]
07. I Did Wrong [add]
08. Let's Do It All [add]
09. Someone [add]
10. Summertime [add]
11. That's the Way It Goes [add]

High on the Blues (1971) 01. Double Dealin' on Me [add]
02. I Just Got to Know [add]
03. Stay Away from That Monkey [add]
04. Yesterday Is Gone [add]
05. Would Man Be Satisfied [add]
06. Like My Mama [add]
07. I Finally Got You [add]
08. You're the One [add]
09. The Love Money Can't Buy [add]
10. Think [add]
11. I Got Somebody [#] [add]
12. Girl Stealer [add]

Blasting the Blues (1983) 01. Story of Jimmy Mccracklin [add]
02. If I Won't Talk [add]
03. I Have a Copyright on Your Love [add]
04. I Wanna Make Love to You [add]
05. Mama Mama [add]
06. Reconsider Baby [add]
07. I Just Got to Know [add]
08. Hop, Skip and Jump [add]
09. You're the One [add]

My Story (1991) 01. Tomorrow [add]
02. Real Love [add]
03. Arkansas [add]
04. Keep It Like It Is [add]
05. It's Got to Be Love [add]
06. In the Alley [add]
07. After Hours [add]
08. Stuck With Loneliness [add]
09. Mama and Papa [add]
10. Join the Club [add]
11. My Story [add]
12. Just a Matter of Time [add]

A Taste of the Blues (1994) 01. Boogie on Down [add]
02. Lie to Me [add]
03. How Do You Like You New Love [add]
04. My Answer [add]
05. Help the Bear [add]
06. Yesterday Is Gone [add]
07. I Got Juiced [add]
08. Put up or Shut Up [add]
09. Not the Right Thing [add]
10. Outside Help [add]
11. Taste of the Blues [add]

Tell It to the Judge! (1999) 01. Good Old Days [add]
02. Hate Will Destroy the World [add]
03. Same Lovin' in Return [add]
04. Like My Mama [add]
05. Would Man Be Satisfied [add]
06. Think [add]
07. I Just Got to Know [add]
08. I Got Somebody [add]
09. Stuck With Loneliness [add]
10. Put Up or Shut Up [add]
11. My Answer [add]
12. Not the Right Thing [add]
13. Bad Situation [add]
14. Double Dealin' on Me [add]
15. After Hours [add]
16. In the Alley [add]
17. Tell It to the Judge [add]

Jumpin Bay Area 1948-1955 (2003) 01. Blues Blasters Boogie [add]
02. Darlin' Share Your Love [add]
03. Give My Heart a Break (You Don't Seem to Understand) [add]
04. The Panic's On [add]
05. Couldn't Be a Dream [add]
06. Please for Give Me Baby [add]
07. Jumpin' in the Heart of Town [add]
08. Standing in the Back Door Crying [add]
09. Tired of Everybody [add]
10. What You Did to Me [add]
11. People Are Wondering [add]
12. I've Got the Feeling [add]
13. Gonna Tell Your Mother [add]
14. My Mother Says [add]
15. That Ain't Right [add]
16. I Got Eyes for You (I Can't Tell) [add]
17. Rockin' All Day (Reelin' and Rockin') [add]
18. Bad Health Blues [add]
19. Gotta Cut Out [add]
20. Just Won't Let Her Go [add]
21. Beer Drinkin' Woman [add]
22. Love When It Rains [add]
23. I'll Get a Break Someday [add]
24. Crying Blues [add]
25. Bad Condition Blues [add]
26. Blues Blasters Shuffle [add]

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