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John Sebastian lyrics
Genre: Rock
John B. Sebastian (1970) 01. Red-Eye Express [add]
02. She's a Lady [add]
03. What She Thinks About [add]
04. Magical Connection [add]
05. You're a Big Boy Now [add]
06. Rainbows All Over Your Blues [add]
07. How Have You Been [add]
08. Baby, Don't Ya Get Crazy [add]
09. The Room Nobody Lives In [add]
10. Fa-Fana-Fa [add]
11. I Had a Dream [add]

John Sebastian Live (1970) 01. Lovin' You [add]
02. You're a Big Boy Now [add]
03. She's a Lady [add]
04. Magical Connection [add]
05. Younger Generation [add]
06. Coconut Grove [add]
07. My Gal [add]
08. Fishin' Blues [add]
09. I Had a Dream [add]
10. Red-Eye Express [add]
11. Darling Be Home Soon [add]

Cheapo-Cheapo Productions Presents Real Live John Sebastian (1971) 01. Mobile Line (Gonna Carry Me Away from the Bull Frog Blues) [add]
02. Lovin' You [add]
03. Fishin' Blues [add]
04. Younger Girl [add]
05. Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind [add]
06. Rooty-Toot [add]
07. In the Still of the Night (I Remember Parris) [add]
08. Blue Suede Shoes [add]
09. Nashville Cats [add]
10. Waiting for a Train [add]
11. My Gal [add]
12. Younger Generation [add]
13. Darlin' Be Home Soon [add]
14. Blues for Dad and Jb's Happy Harmonica [add]
15. Amy's Theme [add]
16. Goodnight Irene [add]

The Four of Us (1971) 01. Well, Well, Well [add]
02. Black Snake Blues [add]
03. I Don't Want Nobody Else [add]
04. Apple Hill [add]
05. Black Satin Kid [add]
06. We'll See [add]
07. Sweet Muse [add]
08. The Four of Us [add]

Tarzana Kid (1974) 01. Sitting in Limbo [add]
02. Friends Again [add]
03. Dixie Chicken [add]
04. Stories We Could Tell [add]
05. Face of Appalachia [add]
06. Wild Wood Flower [add]
07. Wild About My Lovin' [add]
08. Singing the Blues [add]
09. Sportin' Life [add]
10. Harpoon [add]

Welcome Back (1976) 01. Hideaway [add]
02. She's Funny [add]
03. You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine [add]
04. Didn't Wanna Have to Do It [add]
05. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back [add]
06. Welcome Back lyrics
07. I Needed Her Most When I Told Her to Go [add]
08. A Song a Day in Nashville [add]
09. Warm Baby [add]
10. Let This Be Our Time to Get Along [add]

Tar Beach (1993) 01. Tar Beach [add]
02. Link in the Chain [add]
03. Don't You Run With Him [add]
04. Someone Standing in Your Door [add]
05. Freezin' From the Inside Out [add]
06. Mornin' Blues [add]
07. You and Me Go Way Back [add]
08. Bless 'Em All [add]
09. Try'na Keep the Balls in the Air [add]
10. Walkin' With Someone New [add]
11. Smokey Don't Go [add]
12. Night Owl Cafe [add]

I Want My Roots (1996) 01. Mobile Line [add]
02. I Want My Roots [add]
03. Goin' to German [add]
04. Big Road Blues [add]
05. Just Don't Stop 'Till You're All Worn Out [add]
06. Ain't Nowhere to Hobo Anymore [add]
07. Milk Cow Blues [add]
08. Rain, Hey, Rain [add]
09. Statesboro Blues [add]
10. New Jug Band Waltz [add]
11. Tappin' That Thing [add]
12. Yank Rachell Boogie [add]
13. Divin' Duck [add]
14. K.C. Moan [add]

King Biscuit Flower Hour [live] (1996) 01. Mobile Line [add]
02. Stage Comment [add]
03. Welcome Back lyrics
04. Nashville Cats [add]
05. Stage Comment [add]
06. Link in the Chain [add]
07. Freezin' from the Inside Out [add]
08. Looking for Something Better [add]
09. Younger Generation [add]
10. She's a Lady [add]
11. Don't You Run With Him [add]
12. Red-Eye Express [add]
13. Daydream [add]
14. Woodstock Toot [add]
15. Stage Comment [add]
16. Darling Be Home Soon [add]

Chasin' Gus' Ghost (1999) 01. Stealin' [add]
02. Minglewood Blues [add]
03. Fare Thee Well [add]
04. Write Me a Few of Your Lines [add]
05. My Passing Fantasy [add]
06. Jug Band Music [add]
07. One Step Forward [add]
08. Viola Lee [add]
09. Got No Automobiles [add]
10. Wild About My Lovin' [add]
11. Kansas City [add]
12. Yank Rachell Intro [add]
13. Laundromat Blues [add]
14. Tap That Thing [add]
15. My Baby Left Town [add]

One Guy, One Guitar [live] (2001) 01. Welcome Back lyrics
02. Nashville Cats [add]
03. Looking for Something More [add]
04. Dixie Chicken [add]
05. Where Ever You Are [add]
06. She's a Lady [add]
07. Rooty Toot [add]
08. Make Up Your Mind [add]
09. Daydream [add]
10. Mobile Line [add]
11. Smokey Don't Go [add]
12. A Younger Girl [add]
13. Jug Band Music [add]
14. Rain on the Roof [add]
15. Introduction to Tar Beach [add]
16. Tar Beach [add]
17. Fishin' Blues [add]
18. Darling Be Home Soon [add]

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