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Sam Kinison lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Leader of the Banned (1990) 01. Detox This [add]
02. Shopping for Pets [add]
03. Sex, Videotape and Zoo Animals [add]
04. Jerry's Bastard Kid [add]
05. Lenny Bruce's Mom [add]
06. Casual Users of Terrorism [add]
07. Old People Must Die [add]
08. Grilled Cheese Sandwich [add]
09. Phone Call from Hell [add]
10. Gonna Raise Hell [add]
11. Mississippi Queen [add]
12. Under My Thumb [add]
13. Highway to Hell [add]

Have You Seen Me Lately? (1990) 01. Rock Against Drugs? [add]
02. Rubber Love [add]
03. The Story of Jim (Bakker) [add]
04. Robo-Pope [add]
05. Mother Mary's Mystery Date [add]
06. Jesus the Miracle Caterer [add]
07. Heart-Stoppers [add]
08. Buddies [add]
09. Lesbians Are Our Friends [add]
10. Pocket Toys [add]
11. Sexual Diaries [add]
12. The Butt and the Bible [add]
13. Parties With the Dead [add]
14. Wild Thing [add]

Louder Than Hell (1990) 01. Louder Than Hell Side A Version [Side a Version] [add]
02. Louder Than Hell [Side B Version] [add]

Live From Hell (1994) 01. I Missed the Joan Rivers Show [add]
02. Execution for Pee Wee [add]
03. Captain Kangaroo [add]
04. Russians Are Losers [add]
05. Sammy's Pawnshop [add]
06. J.F.K. [add]
07. Space Pussies [add]
08. The Kurds [add]
09. Willie Nelson [add]
10. The Smart Bomb [add]
11. 100 Hour War [add]
12. Bob Hope [add]
13. The Pee Trough [add]
14. Know When to Die [add]
15. Sam's Tirade [add]
16. Rap Sucks [add]
17. Cable TV [add]
18. Bad Taste [add]
19. The Homeless [add]
20. Don't Swallow [add]

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