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Insidious Rays lyrics
Genre: Rock
The Insidious Rays, Vols. I & II (2002) 01. We as Balloons [add]
02. Spectacular Mercury Flytrap [add]
03. The Mackerel [add]
04. Justin Schaible's Casa de Amore [add]
05. Famous Latino Bike Cops (Charles Barkley's a Bad Actin Son of a [add]
06. I Like What Choo Do [add]
07. Waikiki Sunset (With Wine) [add]
08. Backache [add]
09. The Man vs. NYC [add]
10. Intro [add]
11. Dentist [add]
12. Baby Jesus Is Pissed [add]
13. Itsy Bitsy [add]
14. Mr. T's Nuts [add]
15. Tight Jeans Faggot [add]
16. Nitemares [add]
17. Piss Me Off [add]
18. Joel's Thing [add]
19. Motherfucker [add]
20. Russian Disco [add]
21. Buckabout [add]

More Songs About Sex, Love, Death and Sex (2003) 01. Skank Beach [add]
02. Candy Apple Kisses [add]
03. Jolene [add]
04. I Got These Cheeseburgers [add]
05. This Is Science in French...O.K.? [add]
06. Rock Sex Party [add]
07. Kiss Like You Been Cheatin' [add]
08. Summer Vacation [add]
09. You Packed My Heart in Your Suitcase [add]
10. Rock 'N' Roll Nitemare [add]
11. I Fucked Some Beer the Fuck Up [add]
12. Itsy Bitsy [add]
13. Dungarees [add]
14. Middlesex Charm [add]

Exotic Handshake (2005) 01. All My Friends Are Cocksuckers [add]
02. Sharing Cigarettes [add]
03. I Came for the Meat [add]
04. Baby Jesus Is Pissed [add]
05. Mr. T's Nuts [add]
06. Hey Sunshine [add]
07. Country Cockpit [add]
08. Southwest Side Story [add]
09. Dentist [add]
10. Danny [add]
11. Joel's Thing [add]
12. Drivin' Around on PCP [add]
13. Nitemares [add]
14. P.A.'s Got Killer Surf...Dude. [add]
15. Piss Me Off [add]
16. The Deep [add]

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