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Insidious Decrepancy lyrics
Genre: Rock
Decadent Orgy of Atrocious Suffering (2006) 01. Maniacal Contempt Spawned from Agonizing Depravity [add]
02. Enraptured by Sickening Visions of Perverse Debauchery [add]
03. Rancid Cesspool of Unimaginable Splendor by Ritualistic Butchery [add]
04. Decadent Orgy of Atrocious Suffering [add]
05. Dawn of Possession lyrics
06. Horrendous Lust for Pyscopathic Purity Through Self Immolation [add]
07. Forsaken Defamation and Irreverence [add]
08. Insatiably Craving Abhorrent Denouncement from the Confines of Flesh [add]
09. Deplorable Stench Reeking of Treacherous Deceit [add]

The Inerrancy of Profanation (2006) 01. Befouling the Adoration of Christ [add]
02. Surreptitious Misanthropy Voraciously Consuming Rationality Thus ... [add]
03. Enchanting Fantasies of Insurmountable Torment Upon Innocence and ... [add]
04. The Inerrancy of Profanation [add]
05. Festering Oral Infestation of Parasitic Anomaly [add]
06. Inebriated by the Blood of Divine Suffering Through Secular Dissection [add]
07. Ordainment of Iniquity Luridly Asphyxiating Righteousness [add]
08. Unrelenting Agony Bestowed Upon the Holy Disease Ridden Minds of ... [add]

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