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Phil Everly lyrics
Genre: Rock
Star Spangled Springer (1973) 01. The Air That I Breathe [add]
02. Sweet Grass Country [add]
03. God Bless Older Ladies [add]
04. It Pleases Me [add]
05. Lady Anne [add]
06. Red, White, and Blue [add]
07. Our Song [add]
08. Poisonberry Pie [add]
09. La Divorce [add]
10. Snowflake Bombardier [add]

Phils Diner (1974) 01. Sweet Music [add]
02. Goodbye Line [add]
03. Feather Bed [add]
04. Summershine [add]
05. Too Blue [add]
06. There's Nothing Too Good [add]
07. Invisible Man [add]
08. Old Kentucky River (Caroline) [add]
09. We're Running Out [add]
10. It's True [add]

Mystic Line (1975) 01. Patiently [add]
02. Lion and the Lamb [add]
03. Mystic Line [add]
04. January Butterfly [add]
05. You and I Are a Song [add]
06. Words in Your Eyes [add]
07. Better Than Now [add]
08. When Will I Be Loved? [add]
09. Back When the Bands Played [add]
10. Friends [add]

Living Alone (1979) 01. I Was Too Late for the Party [add]
02. Ich Bin Dein (I Am Yours) [add]
03. You Broke It [add]
04. Living Alone [add]
05. Buy Me a Beer [add]
06. California Gold [add]
07. Love Will Pull Us Through [add]
08. I Just Don't Feel Like Dancing [add]
09. Charleston Guitar [add]
10. The Fall of '59 [add]

Phil Everly (1983) 01. She Means Nothing to Me [add]
02. God Bless Older Ladies [add]
03. Sweet Pretender [add]
04. Never Gonna Dream Again [add]
05. I'll Mend Your Broken Heart [add]
06. Better Than Now [add]
07. A Woman and a Man [add]
08. Louise [add]
09. When I'm Dead and Gone [add]
10. Sweet Suzanne [add]
11. Oh Baby Oh [add]

Louise (1987) 01. Louise [add]
02. Sweet Suzanne [add]
03. She Means Nothing to Me [add]
04. A Man and a Woman [add]
05. Who's Gonna Keep Me Warm [add]
06. One Way Love [add]
07. Sweet Pretender [add]
08. Better Than Now [add]
09. Oh Baby Oh [add]
10. God Bless Older Ladies [add]
11. Never Gonna Dream Again [add]
12. I'll Mend Your Broken Heart [add]
13. When I'm Dead and Gone [add]

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