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Denise LaSalle lyrics
Genre: Blues
Mississippi Woman (0000) 01. Mississippi Woman [add]
02. Mississippi Woman [DeLta Blues Mix] [add]
03. Mississippi Woman [add]
04. Mississippi Woman [instrumental] [add]
05. Mississippi Woman [add]

Trapped By a Thing Called Love (1972) 01. Trapped by a Thing Called Love lyrics
02. Now Run and Tell That lyrics
03. Heartbreaker of the Year [add]
04. Goody Goody Getter [add]
05. Catch Me If You Can [add]
06. Hung Up Strung Out [add]
07. Do Me Right [add]
08. The Deeper I Go [add]
09. You'll Lose a Good Thing [add]
10. Keep It Coming [add]
11. It's Too Late lyrics

On the Loose (1973) 01. Man Size Job [add]
02. What It Takes to Get a Good Woman (That's What It's Gonna Take to Kee) [add]
03. Harper Valley P.T.A. [add]
04. What Am I Doing Wrong [add]
05. Breaking up Somebody's Home [add]
06. There Ain't Enough Hate Around (To Make Me Turn Around) [add]
07. Your Man and Your Best Friend [add]
08. Lean on Me [add]
09. Making a Good Thing Better [add]
10. I'm over You [add]
11. I'm Satisfied [add]

Second Breath (1976) 01. Freedom to Express Yourself [add]
02. Get Your Lies Straight [add]
03. Sweet Soul [add]
04. I'm Back to Collect [add]
05. I Get What I Want [add]
06. Second Breath [add]
07. Hellfire Loving [add]
08. Sit Down and Hurt Awhile [add]
09. Two Empty Arms [add]

The Bitch Is Bad (1977) 01. Bitch Is Bad [add]
02. Love Me Right [add]
03. Before You Take It to the Streets [add]
04. Fool Me Good [add]
05. Move Your Body [add]
06. Love Magician [add]
07. One Life to Live [add]
08. Love Addict [add]

Unwrapped (1979) 01. Think About It [add]
02. Keep on Dancin' Rock [add]
03. A Miracle, You and Me [add]
04. Too Little in Common to Be Lovers [add]
05. Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? [add]
06. Make Me Yours/Precious Memories/Trapped by a Thing Called Love [add]

Right Place, Right Time (1984) 01. Right Place, Right Time [add]
02. He's Not Available [add]
03. Treat Your Man Like a Baby [add]
04. Good Man Gone Bad [add]
05. Boogie Man [add]
06. Your Husband Is Cheatin' on Us [add]
07. Why Does It Feel So Right [add]
08. Keep Your Pants On [add]
09. Bump and Grind [add]
10. Love School [add]

Love Talkin' (1985) 01. Talkin' in Your Sleep [add]
02. Someone Else Is Steppin' In [add]
03. Nobody Loves Me Like You Do [add]
04. Give Me Yo' Most Strongest Whiskey [add]
05. Love Is a Five Letter Word [add]
06. Love Talkin' [add]
07. Get What You Can Get [add]
08. Linger a Little Longer [add]
09. Keeps Me Runnin' Back [add]
10. Too Many Lovers [add]
11. My Tu-Tu [add]

Lady in the Street (1986) 01. A Lady in the Street [add]
02. This Bell Was Made for Ringing [add]
03. Don't Mess With My Man [add]
04. Lay Me Down [add]
05. Down Home Blues [X Rated] [add]
06. I Was Not the Best Woman [add]
07. Come to Bed [add]
08. I Was Telling Him About You [add]

Hittin' Where It Hurts (1988) 01. Don't Cry No More [add]
02. Write This One off (As a Loss) [add]
03. Caught in Your Own Mess [add]
04. Bring It on Home to Me [add]
05. Eee Tee [add]
06. If You Can't Do Me Right [add]
07. See-Saw [add]
08. You Gotta Pay to Play [add]
09. I Forgot to Remember [add]

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? (1990) 01. Try My Love [add]
02. Think About It [add]
03. A Miracle, You and Me [add]
04. Untitled [add]
05. A Miracle, You and Me [add]
06. Too Little in Common to Be Lovers [add]
07. Too Little in Common to Be Lovers [add]
08. Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? [add]
09. Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? [add]
10. I'm So Hot [add]
11. I'm So Hot [add]
12. Love Me Right [add]
13. Love Me Right [add]

Still Trapped (1990) 01. Wet Match [add]
02. Trapped...1990 [add]
03. Paper Thin [add]
04. Chain Letter [add]
05. A Real Sad Story [add]
06. Drop That Zero [add]
07. I'm Loved [add]
08. Kiss It [add]
09. Love and Happiness [add]
10. Wild Thang (All Nite Long) [add]

Rain and Fire (1990) 01. It Be's That Way Sometimes [add]
02. I'm Sho Gonna Mess With Yo Man [add]
03. What's Goin' on in My House [add]
04. Look What Can Happen to You (If You Get Caught Mesisn' With My Tutu) [add]
05. Shame, Shame, Shame [add]
06. Dip, Bam, Thank You Maam [add]
07. Learnin' How to Cheat on You [add]
08. Rain and Fire [add]
09. It Takes You All Night [add]
10. Is He Lovin' Someone Else Tonight [add]

Love Me Right (1992) 01. Don't Jump My Pony [add]
02. Long Dong Silver [add]
03. You Can't Get Nothin' Straight Between Us [add]
04. Love Me Right [add]
05. When We're Making Love [add]
06. I'm Not That Kind of Girl [add]
07. Too Many Hungry Mouths Around the Table [add]
08. One More Wrong Step [add]
09. Fast Hands and a Dirty Mind [add]
10. Another One Bites the Dust [add]
11. Don't Pick It Up [add]

Still Bad (1994) 01. Right Side of the Wrong Bed [add]
02. Soft-Hearted Woman [add]
03. Three People [add]
04. No Supervision [add]
05. Child of the Ghetto [add]
06. Dial 1-900-Get-Some [add]
07. Risky Business [add]
08. The Sweeter the Man [add]
09. It Ain't over Til the Fat Lady Sings [add]
10. A Woman Needs to Be Loved [add]
11. The Bitch Is Bad [add]

Smokin' in Bed (1997) 01. Smokin' in Bed [add]
02. Juke Joint Woman [add]
03. Blues Party Tonight [add]
04. If I Don't Holler [add]
05. Going Through Changes [add]
06. Five Below Zero [add]
07. Never Been Touched Like This [add]
08. Why Am I Missing You? [add]
09. The Night We Called It a Day [add]
10. Dirty Old Woman [add]

Trapped (1997) 01. Trapped by a Thing Called Love lyrics
02. Don't Mess With My Man [add]
03. Love Is a Five Letter Word [add]
04. I Was Telling Him About You [add]
05. Is He Lovin' Someone Else Tonight [add]
06. Hold On [add]
07. You Gotta Pay to Play [add]
08. Bring It on Home to Me [add]
09. Too Many Lovers [add]
10. One More Wrong Step [add]

God's Got My Back (1999) 01. God's Got My Back lyrics
02. Tell Him What You Want [add]
03. Still Talkin' Bout a Man [add]
04. Satan's Trying to Track Me Down [add]
05. Rest in Me [add]
06. God Is Absolutely Mad About You [add]
07. His Mighty Love [Gospel Version Only] [add]
08. God Don't Make Mistakes [add]
09. Calvary [add]
10. Send Me, I'll Go [add]
11. Going Through Changes [add]
12. Praise Him [add]
13. Going Through Changes [Edited for Radio] [add]

This Real Woman (2000) 01. This Real Woman [add]
02. Lick It Before You Stick It [add]
03. A Love Reputation [add]
04. A Sexholic [add]
05. I Just Wanna Make Love to You [add]
06. In a Midnight Mood (In the Middle of the Day) [add]
07. What Kind of Man Is This [add]
08. Funky Blues Kinda Mood [add]
09. Unlovable Habits [add]
10. This Real Woman [Radio Cut] [add]
11. If I'm Only for Myself (Who's Gonna Be for Me) [add]
12. When She Stops Asking [add]
13. This Bedroom's on Fire [add]
14. Dreaming All Day [add]
15. The Best of the Rest [add]
16. Tell Him What You Want [add]
17. I Fell in Love With Me [add]
18. Down on Clinton [add]
19. Trapped by a Thing Called Love lyrics
20. God Is Absolutely Mad About You [add]

Still the Queen (2002) 01. I'm Still the Queen [add]
02. Dirty, Freaky Man [add]
03. You Should Have Kept It in the Bedroom [add]
04. What Kind of Man Is This [add]
05. Funky Blues Kind of Mood [add]
06. Cover It Up [add]
07. Who Needs You [add]
08. In a Midnight Mood in the Middle of the Day [add]
09. Unlovable Habits [add]
10. There's No Separation [add]

Wanted (2004) 01. Snap, Crackle and Pop [add]
02. The Thrill Is on Again [add]
03. Wanted Man [add]
04. They Made a Blues Fan Out of Me [add]
05. Doormat Woman [add]
06. It Was a House Until You Made It a Home [add]
07. A Woman Needs Money [add]
08. The Love You Threw Away [add]
09. Who Needs an Enemy With a Friend Like You? [add]
10. Bone It Like You Own It [add]

Pay Before You Pump (2007) 01. Pay Before You Pump [add]
02. It's Goin' Down [add]
03. I Need a Working Man [add]
04. Mississippi Woman [add]
05. Hold on Tight [add]
06. Hell Sent Me You [add]
07. Walking on Beale Street and Crying [add]
08. I'm Hangin' On [add]
09. You Don't Live Here No More [add]
10. I Tried [add]
11. It's Goin' Down [Radio Version-Clean] [add]
12. Mississippi Woman [DeLta Blues Mix] [add]

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