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Rodney Rude lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Frog Sack [live] (2006) 01. Heckler Strangles Mates Knob in an Anal Noose [add]
02. Rude Compares His Willy to Windsock at Airport Hanging Limply in Breeze [add]
03. Doctor Gaffers a Tiny Camera to His Own Appendage for Patient's Rectal [add]
04. Heckler Has a Tattoo of an Anus on His Fist [add]
05. Incompetence During Surgical Procedure Causes Relocation of Genitals [add]
06. The Reason Servos Keep Toilets Locked, Is So Cleaners Can't Get In [add]
07. Heckler Gets Outsmarted by His Own Girlfriend [add]
08. Ex-Wife Tries to Push Rude off Echo Point and Stab Him with a Star Peg [add]
09. Rude's Grandfather Meets Vietnamese Girl Named Mifuk [add]
10. Rude Is Nicknamed Tiger Woods 'Cause He Goes the Growl on a Heckler's M [add]
11. Dog Rejects Heckler at Buck's Night [add]
12. Rude Claims That Women Make Him Feel Like a Furry Little Fruit Bat [add]
13. Rude Claims That All Hecklers Shave Each Others Balls [add]
14. Charles Merton-Lickett, Stuart Diver and Harry Muff Create Law Firm Cal [add]
15. Rude's New Son Darren Runs Eagle Boys Pizza Shop in Kurri Kurri [add]
16. Homeless Bloke Takes a Dump in Open Police Crusier Window [add]
17. Peter Allen's Taxidermist Inserts Antique Slide Whistle in Peter Allen' [add]
18. Rude's Uncle Ishmael Polished Toe of Cowboy Boot on the Ring Area of Fo [add]
19. Rude's Uncle Ishmael Damages Knob in Shaving Accident [add]
20. Rude's Grandfather Makes Hard Hats out of Dolphin's Foreheads [add]
21. Rude Suggests That Elton Owns a Store Window Mannequin's Fist on a Stic [add]
22. Rude Claims Safest Place in Terrorist Attack Is Local Swimming Pool, 'C [add]
23. Ending - Rude Suggests Prime Minister Should "Do" Rude's Audience [add]
24. Rude Claims Lady's Hairy Underarms Are Like Two Bonus Vaginas [*] [add]
25. Rude Claims That Lady's Vaginas Are Like a Pirate's Treasure Chest [*] [add]
26. Bull Rider Can't Last Eight Seconds on Lady's Bucking Arse [*] [add]
27. Hecklers Only Yell out When Rude Has a Mouth Full of Piss [*] [add]
28. Heckler Tattoos Anus on Fist So He Can Have a Pull with an Anus [2nd Version] [add]
29. Miner Enjoys Safe Shift in Public Shaft [*] [add]
30. On a Scale of One to Ten, Cockabillity Versus Cuntability [*] [add]
31. Old Property Developer Files Parrot Through Public Wind Farm [*] [add]
32. Rude Suffers Confusion When Rooting Heckler Cousin [*] [add]

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