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Today Is the Day lyrics
Genre: Rock
Supernova (1994) 01. Black Dahlia lyrics
02. 6 Dementia Satyr [add]
03. Silver Tongue lyrics
04. Blind Man at the Mystic Lake [add]
05. Adult World [add]
06. The Begging [add]
07. The Kick Inside [add]
08. Goose Is Cooked [add]
09. Timeless [add]
10. Rise [add]
11. The Guilt Barber [add]
12. Self Portrait [add]

Willpower (1995) 01. Will Power [add]
02. My First Knife lyrics
03. Nothing to Lose [add]
04. Golden Calf lyrics
05. Sidewinder lyrics
06. Many Happy Returns lyrics
07. Simple Touch lyrics
08. Promised Land lyrics

Today Is the Day (1996) 01. Kai Piranha lyrics
02. Marked lyrics
03. Bugs/Death March [add]
04. A Man of Science [add]
05. Realization lyrics
06. Black Iron Prison lyrics
07. Mountain People lyrics
08. Ripped Off lyrics
09. The Tragedy [add]
10. She Is in Fear of Death [add]
11. I Love My Woman lyrics
12. Dot Matrix lyrics

Temple of the Morning Star (1997) 01. Temple of the Morning Star [Acoustic] [add]
02. The Man Who Loves to Hurt Himself [From "Temple of the Morning Sun"] [add]
03. Blindspot lyrics
04. High as the Sky [add]
05. Miracle lyrics
06. Kill Yourself lyrics
07. Mankind lyrics
08. Pinnacle lyrics
09. Crutch lyrics
10. Root of All Evil [add]
11. Satan Is Alive [add]
12. Rabid Lassie [add]
13. Friend for Life [add]
14. My Life With You lyrics
15. I See You [add]
16. Hermaphrodite lyrics
17. Temple of the Morning Star [add]

In the Eyes of God (1999) 01. In the Eyes of God lyrics
02. Going to Hell lyrics
03. Spotting a Unicorn lyrics
04. Possession lyrics
05. The Color of Psychic Power lyrics
06. Mayari lyrics
07. Soldier of Fortune lyrics
08. Bionic Cock lyrics
09. Argali lyrics
10. Afterlife lyrics
11. Himself lyrics
12. Daddy lyrics
13. Who Is the Black Angel? lyrics
14. Martial Law lyrics
15. False Reality lyrics
16. The Russian Child Porn Ballet lyrics
17. The Cold Harshness of Being Wrong Throughout Your Entire Life lyrics
18. Honor lyrics
19. Worn Out lyrics
20. There Is No End lyrics

Descent (2000) 01. The Descent lyrics
02. The Nailing lyrics
03. Tabula Rasa [add]
04. The End of Light [add]
05. Crown of Stars [add]

Live Till You Die (2000) 01. The Color of Psychic Power [live] [add]
02. Pinnacle [live] [add]
03. Feel Like Makin' Love [add]
04. Temple of the Morning Star [live] [add]
05. Wicked Game [add]
06. Crutch [live] [add]
07. Ripped Off [Acoustic] [add]
08. High as the Sky [live] [add]
09. In the Eyes of God [live] [add]
10. Users [add]
11. TDA [add]
12. Blindspot [live] [add]
13. Why Don't We Do It in the Road? [add]
14. Afterlife [live] [add]
15. The Man Who Loves to Hurt Himself [live] [add]

Sadness Will Prevail (2002) 01. Maggots and Riots lyrics
02. Criminal lyrics
03. Distortion of Nature [add]
04. Crooked lyrics
05. Butterflies [add]
06. Unearthed lyrics
07. The Descent lyrics
08. Death Requiem lyrics
09. Christianized Magick [add]
10. Voice of Reason: Vicious Barker [add]
11. Face After the Shot [add]
12. The Ivory of Self Hate [add]
13. The Nailing lyrics
14. Mistake [add]
15. Invincible lyrics
16. Aurora [add]
17. Sadness Will Prevail lyrics
18. Myriad Spaceship [add]
19. Flowers [add]
20. Made of Flesh [add]
21. Your Life Is Over [add]
22. Control the Media [add]
23. Vivicide [add]
24. Miasma [add]
25. Times of Pain [add]
26. Breadwinner lyrics
27. Friend [add]
28. Never Answer the Phone [add]
29. I Live to See You Smile [add]
30. Sadness Will Prevail Theme [add]

Kiss the Pig (2004) 01. Why They Hate Us [add]
02. Kiss the Pig [add]
03. Mother's Ruin [add]
04. This Machine Kills Fascists [add]
05. Outland [add]
06. Don't Tread on Hope [add]
07. Sympathy Junky [add]
08. Platinum Pussy [add]
09. Train Train [add]
10. Bee's Wax and Star Wars [add]
11. Birthright [add]

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