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Pierce Turner lyrics
Genre: Rock
Sky & the Ground (1990) 01. Sky and the Ground/Turner, Pierce [add]
02. Surface in Heaven [add]
03. Mayhem [add]
04. His Reason [add]
05. The Answer [add]
06. Have You Looked at the Sun (Lately) [add]
07. Time Flies (When You Don't Know What You're Doing) [add]
08. I Set You up to Shake [add]
09. You Can Never Know [add]
10. Jem [instrumental] [add]

It's Only a Long Way Across (1990) 01. Wicklow Hills [add]
02. Goins on Goin' Down [add]
03. How It Shone [add]
04. Orange Coloured Sun [add]
05. Mover and a Shaker [add]
06. Maņana in Manhattan [add]
07. Uncertain Smile [add]
08. Groovy Hearts [add]
09. Mush God Help Her (Wexford Gossip) [add]

Now Is Heaven (1993) 01. Thuderstorm [add]
02. Moonbeam Josephine [add]
03. All Messed Up [add]
04. Sunday Night Yap/Here Comes the Night [add]
05. Never Take Advantage of You [add]
06. Zero Here [add]
07. Buried City of Love [add]
08. Smokestack View [add]
09. Don't Want Her to Feel That Way [add]
10. When Is That Day Gonna Come [add]
11. Blowing Out of Clowntown [add]
12. Senator Helms' Farewell Trot [add]

Angelic Language (1998) 01. Butcher Boy [add]
02. Divinity [add]
03. The Auctioneer's Prayer [add]
04. Frantic [add]
05. Steven's Preparing to Leave [add]
06. Mandolins [add]
07. Paint a Blue Sky [add]
08. Grapes of Wrath [add]
09. Living Dangerously [add]
10. Stiff Upper Lip [Main Title Theme] [add]
11. White [excerpt] [add]
12. Big Big Bruise [add]
13. Innocence [add]

Mr. Smith (2004) 01. Mr. Smith [add]
02. Oh Ireland [add]
03. Not a Bad Day for a Wednesday [add]
04. Hypocrisy [add]
05. Who's Your Advisor [add]
06. Driving [instrumental] [add]
07. Beyond the Blue [add]
08. More [add]
09. Shotgun [add]
10. Busy Man [add]
11. Anyone Can See [add]
12. I'm Living Dangerously [add]
13. Delighted [add]
14. Moonlight [*/instrumental] [add]
15. Triumph [*/instrumental] [add]
16. The Find [*/instrumental] [add]
17. Market Place [*/instrumental] [add]
18. Most Important [*/instrumental] [add]
19. Dark Deed [*/instrumental] [add]
20. Rolling Hills (1) [*/instrumental] [add]
21. Rolling Hills (2) [*/instrumental] [add]
22. Glory [*/instrumental] [add]
23. The Question [*/instrumental] [add]
24. Green Fields [*/instrumental] [add]
25. Ominous [*/instrumental] [add]
26. Look [*/instrumental] [add]
27. Get Ready [*/instrumental] [add]
28. Sunrise [*/instrumental] [add]
29. Extension [*/instrumental] [add]
30. The End [*/instrumental] [add]
31. Most Important (2) [*/instrumental] [add]
32. White [*/instrumental] [add]
33. Innocense [*/instrumental] [add]

3 Minute World (2004) 01. Sunday [add]
02. You Won't Mind [add]
03. Busy Man [add]
04. Driving (Instr.) [add]
05. Beyond the Blue [add]
06. The Clock (Instr.) [add]
07. 3 Minute World [add]
08. Ball and Chain (Snakes and Ladders) [add]
09. Fishin's Just an Excuse [add]
10. One Minute More [add]
11. Oh Ireland [add]
12. Life in a Day [add]
13. More [add]

The Boy to Be With (2006) 01. Sing [add]
02. The Boy to Be With [add]
03. Jazz [add]
04. The Bright and Early [add]
05. Drumsna [add]
06. Omagh [add]
07. See That Girl [add]
08. Mr. Turner [add]
09. You've Got Her London [add]
10. So Many People [add]
11. This Planet [add]
12. This Life [add]
13. The Ballad of Rory Gallagher [add]
14. Jazz [Radio Edit] [add]

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