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Ill Tactics lyrics
Genre: Rap
Think Before You Blink (2006) 01. Intro [add]
02. I Always Wonder [add]
03. Freaky People Feat. Tiptoe Charlies [add]
04. Struggle of a Mind [add]
05. Outer Space Feat. Emcee Salvo [add]
06. Power of Rhymes [add]
07. Poisoned Democracy [add]
08. Revenge [add]
09. Family vs. Family [add]
10. Bleeding Knuckles [add]
11. Hip Hop Is a Business [add]
12. Feinman's Funk [add]

You Got Me Wrong (2006) 01. The Get Back [add]
02. Who Dat [add]
03. The Grind [add]
04. Straight from the Streets [add]
05. Dun Deal [add]
06. Step Wit It [add]
07. Dang [add]
08. Mis Understood [add]
09. Wrong One to Step To [add]
10. Lil' Cuz [add]
11. Itzy Bitzy Spider [add]
12. You Don't Want None of This! [add]
13. El Que Phitty [add]
14. Down South Gangstas [add]
15. What U Take Me Fo [add]
16. Calling My Name [add]
17. The Get Back (Screwed) [add]
18. What U Take Me Fo (Screwed) [add]
19. Dun Deal (Screwed) [add]
20. Lil' Cuz (Screwed) [add]
21. Step Wit It (Screwed) [add]
22. El Que Phitty (Screwed) [add]
23. Down South Gangstas (Screwed) [add]
24. You Don't Want None of This! (Screwed) [add]
25. Dang (Screwed) [add]
26. Straight from the Streets (Screwed) [add]
27. The Grind (Screwed) [add]
28. Who Dat (Screwed) [add]
29. Wrong One to Step To (Screwed) [add]
30. Mis Understood (Screwed) [add]
31. Calling My Name (Screwed) [add]

American Rap Idol (2006) 01. Rap Idol, Pt. 1 [add]
02. I Got an Attitude [add]
03. Get Real Ugly [add]
04. What U Gone Do [add]
05. Take U to War [add]
06. I'm a Beast [add]
07. Beach Party [add]
08. Who Am I (Da Rap Jacka) [add]
09. Stop Hattin [add]
10. Lookin So Good [add]
11. Rap Idol, Pt. 2 [add]
12. Southside Swangin [add]
13. Str8 Flo [add]
14. Ain't Givin Up [add]
15. Talk Dat Noise Now [add]
16. Keep You Eyes Open [add]

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