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MC Mario lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Back to Basics (1994) 01. Fuk Dat [add]
02. House of Love [add]
03. Go on Move [add]
04. Deep Inside [add]
05. Boom! Shake the Room [add]
06. Get-A-Way [add]
07. Let the Music Play [add]
08. Tell Me That You Want Me [add]
09. Let the Beat Control Your Body [add]
10. River [add]
11. Piece of My Heart [add]
12. Everybody Say Love [add]
13. My Love Is Serious [add]
14. Give It Up [add]
15. Beautiful People [add]
16. Saturday Night Party [add]
17. All for Love [add]

MC (2001) 01. Move It [#] [add]
02. Blood Is Pumpin [add]
03. Feel the Beat [add]
04. Castles in the Sky [add]
05. Forever in Love [add]
06. Dance With You [M.C. Mario Exclusive] [add]
07. Rock da Funky Beats [M.C. Mario Exclusive] [add]
08. Played-A-Live [add]
09. Tribalmania (Maghalena) [#] [add]
10. Somebody [M.C. Mario Exclusive] [add]
11. Survivor [add]
12. Get It Up [M.C. Mario Exclusive] [add]
13. Everything You Need [mix] [add]
14. Touch Me [add]
15. Saving Mary [M.C. Mario Exclusive] [add]
16. My Beat [M.C. Mario Exclusive] [add]
17. Got to Have [M.C. Mario Exclusive] [add]
18. The Music Turns Me On (Ladadi Ladada) [M.C. Mario Exclusive] [add]

Sun Factory, Vol. 3 (2002) 01. Heaven [add]
02. Resurrection [add]
03. Something [add]
04. Point of View [Original Club Mix] [add]
05. I See Right Through to You [add]
06. Crying at the Discoteque [add]
07. You Can't Change Me [add]
08. La Vita É [add]
09. Addicted to Bass [Different Gear Mix] [add]
10. I Believe [add]
11. Freak the Funk [Barrucco Re-Mix] [add]
12. Supersonic [French School Mix] [add]
13. Another Brick in the Wall [add]
14. One More Time [add]
15. Magalenha [Rhythm Klub Mix] [add]
16. Suavemente [Spanglish Dance Mix] [add]
17. Hey Baby [add]
18. Waiting for Tonight [Metro Mix] [add]

Party Mix Canada (2002) 01. Hard to Say I'm Sorry [add]
02. Will I [add]
03. Scream for More [add]
04. Forever [add]
05. Children [add]
06. In the Air Tonight [. 02 Remix] [add]
07. I Will Follow You [Extended Mix] [add]
08. I Feel So Fine [Tillman Uhrmacher Light Remix] [add]
09. Forever Young [2002 Nu-Trancin Mix] [add]
10. Freed from Desire 2002 [Barrucco's Remix] [add]
11. It's Love (Trippin') [add]
12. Where's Your Head At? [add]
13. Like a Prayer [add]
14. Murder on the Dancefloor [Jewels and Stone Remix] [add]
15. I Would Die 4 U [add]
16. Sunglasses at Night 2002 [Extended Club Mix] [add]
17. At Night [Mousse T's Feel Much Better Mix] [add]
18. Love Foolosophy [Knee Deep's Re-Edit] [add]

Mixdown 2003 (2003) 01. Dark Beat [add]
02. It Just Won't Do [add]
03. Shiny Disco Balls [add]
04. This Is Not a Love Song [East Coast House] [add]
05. Hum Melody [add]
06. All That I Like [Barrucco's Teck House] [add]
07. La la Land [add]
08. Some Lovin' [Murk Miami Mix] [add]
09. Like a Virgin [add]
10. Days Go By [Paul Oakenfold Remix] [add]
11. Because I Love You [add]
12. Reason [add]
13. Désenchantée [add]
14. I Know [add]
15. Rhythm Is a Dancer [add]
16. The Ketchup Song [Motown Club] [add]
17. Bump, Bump, Bump [add]
18. Turn Me On [Love Child Remix] [add]

MC Mario Presents: 80's Rewind (2004) 01. Don't You Want Me [add]
02. Bizarre Love Triangle [add]
03. Situation [add]
04. Our House [add]
05. Der Kommissar [add]
06. Fascinated [add]
07. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) [add]
08. Talking in Your Sleep [add]
09. The Reflex [add]
10. You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record) [add]
11. It's Raining Men [add]
12. 99 Luftballoons [add]
13. Everybody Wants to Rule the World [add]
14. Down Under [add]
15. The Safety Dance [add]
16. No Mercy [add]
17. Walk Like an Egyptian [add]
18. Tainted Love [Single Version] [add]

Mixdown 2004 (2004) 01. Gia [Original Mix] [add]
02. Get Better [House Mix] [add]
03. Sunrise [Love to Infinity Radio Mix] [add]
04. Let's All Chant [Rum & Coke Remix] [add]
05. California Dreamin' [Teck House Remix] [add]
06. She's a Bitch [add]
07. Blackout [add]
08. 7 Nation Army [7 Remix] [add]
09. Bucci Bag [Radio/FM Edit] [add]
10. Illusion [add]
11. Adrenalin [add]
12. Universe, Pt.3 [add]
13. No Matter What You Do [add]
14. I Want U Back [add]
15. Something About You [add]
16. Babe We're Gonna Love 2 Nite [add]
17. Everything I Do (I Do It for You) [add]
18. DRC Project [Rum & Coke Remix] [add]

Mixes & Remixes (2004) 01. Blackout [Rhum & Coke Mix] [add]
02. Let It Go [Barrucco's Original Mix] [add]
03. All That I Like [Original 3 Remix] [add]
04. Suave [Latin Dub Radio Mix] [add]
05. Raise the Roof [Barrucco's Stadium Mix] [add]
06. Red Lite [Dream Man vs. Barrucco Remix] [add]
07. Freak the Funk [House Mix] [add]
08. Freak the Funk [Authority vs Tremble Remix] [add]
09. Move It [MP2 Short Mix] [add]
10. Freedom [Bionic Blue Remix] [add]
11. All That I Like [Original Video Mix] [add]

Sun Factory, Vol. 4 (2004) 01. At the End [add]
02. Come on Over [add]
03. So Much Love to Give [add]
04. Give You Love [UV3 Mix] [add]
05. Blinded by the Light [add]
06. Windadaya [add]
07. Let's Cha Cha [Barrucco's Step Mix] [add]
08. Let the Drums Speak [add]
09. Boys of Summer [add]
10. Time After Time [add]
11. I Know [DJ Pezz Breakbeat DRC Mix] [add]
12. Overload [add]
13. C'est Pas Fini [Bionic Blue Remix] [add]
14. No Letting Go [add]
15. Beware of the Boys (Mundian to Bach Ke) [add]
16. Get Ready [add]
17. Shake da Body [add]
18. Ever Blazing [add]
19. The Butt Dance Song [add]

90's Rewind (2004) 01. Rhythm Is a Dancer [add]
02. What Is Love [add]
03. Pump Up the Jam [add]
04. Mr. Vain [add]
05. Close to You [add]
06. Run Away [add]
07. U Can't Touch This [add]
08. Summertime [add]
09. Back to Life [add]
10. Informer [add]
11. Jump [add]
12. Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) [add]
13. I Like to Move It [add]
14. Groove Is in the Heart [add]
15. Everybody, Everybody [add]
16. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) [add]
17. More & More [add]
18. Step by Step [add]

Classic Rewind (2004) 01. Ride on Time [add]
02. Theme from S-Express [add]
03. Just Got Paid [add]
04. Can You Dance [add]
05. Happenin' All over Again [add]
06. Show Me Love [add]
07. Got a Love for You [add]
08. Good Life [add]
09. I'm Too Sexy [add]
10. Just Another Dream [add]
11. Break 4 Love [add]
12. I'm Gonna Get You [add]
13. Come Go with Me [add]
14. Missing [add]
15. Can You Party [add]
16. I Like It (Like That) [add]
17. Holiday Rap 2002 [add]

Party Mix 2005 (2005) 01. Owner of a Lonely Heart [add]
02. I Like the Way [add]
03. The World Is Mine [add]
04. I Want You [add]
05. Let's Get Together [add]
06. Wildberry Tracks [add]
07. Say Hello [add]
08. When the Dawn Breaks [add]
09. Self Control [D.O.N.S. Remix] [add]
10. Voodoo Child [add]
11. The Drill [Paolo Bolognesi Remix] [add]
12. Geht's Noch? [add]
13. Zookey (Lift Your Leg Up) [Bob Sinclair's Africanism All Star Mix] [add]
14. D-Dissedent [add]
15. Freek U [Full Intention Club Mix] [add]
16. Bitch [add]
17. Let It Play [Lovedance Club Mix] [add]
18. Right About Now [Fuzzy Hair Mix] [add]

Sun Factory, Vol. 7 (2006) 01. Adagio for Strings [add]
02. Everytime We Touch [add]
03. Listen to Your Heart [add]
04. Arabian Adventure 2 [Exclusive] [add]
05. Who's Your Daddy? [add]
06. Living on Video [Exclusive] [add]
07. On the Run [Exclusive] [add]
08. Dreams [add]
09. Not Guilty [World Exclusive] [add]
10. Run to You [add]
11. Sanctuary [World Exclusive] [add]
12. S.O.S. (Message in a Bottle) [add]
13. In My Head [add]
14. Love Sensation [Exclusive] [add]
15. Party for the Weekend [Exclusive] [add]
16. Most Precious Love [Exclusive] [add]
17. Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) [Exclusive] [add]
18. Chacaron [Exclusive] [add]

MC Mario Party Mix 2K6 (2006) 01. World, Hold On [Original Club Mix] [add]
02. Ibiza Mi Amor [Original Mix] [add]
03. Love to Love You Baby [Extended Mix] [add]
04. Miss Broadway [Ian Carey Mix] [add]
05. Feel Alive [Original Extended] [add]
06. Make a Move on Me [Original 12] [add]
07. In My House [Philippe B Remix] [add]
08. Running Up That Hill [Tom Novy Mix] [add]
09. Be My Friend [Michael Gray Remix] [add]
10. I Wish U Would [Original Mix] [add]
11. Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away) [Joachim Garraud & David Guetta's F] [add]
12. Tell Me Why [add]
13. The One That Got Away [Wamdue Get Together Extended Vocal Mix] [add]
14. Mal Programmée [Club 1234 Remix] [add]
15. Halfway to Heaven [Rob Mayth Long] [add]
16. Miracle [Extended Mix] [add]
17. Behind Blue Eyes [Roland Kenzo Remix] [add]
18. Self Esteem [Extended Club Mix] [add]

Mixdown 2007 (2007) 01. MC Mario Mixdown 2007 Intro [add]
02. Put Your Hands Up for Detroit [Original Mix] [add]
03. This Is Miami [Club Mix] [add]
04. Disco Sh*T [add]
05. Feel [Ivan Xsentrix vs. MC Mario Remix] [add]
06. I Luv Girls [20 Something Remix] [add]
07. Watching You [Chris Lake's Downtown Vocal] [add]
08. Maybe You'll Get Lucky [Original Mix] [add]
09. Show Me Love [House Mix] [add]
10. Somebody Else's Guy [Belmond & Parker Remix] [add]
11. Don't Go [Club Mix] [add]
12. Patt (Party All the Time) [add]
13. Go Your Own Way [1234 Remix] [add]
14. Tennessee [Fuzzy Hair Vocal Remix] [add]
15. Lose Control [Original Mix] [add]
16. Borderline [Ian Carey Remix] [add]
17. Moving Too Fast [Ian Carey Remix] [add]
18. Dance4Life [12 Mix] [add]
19. Streamline (The Pepsi Song) [*] [add]

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