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Michael Stanley lyrics
Genre: Rock
Inside Moves (0000) 01. Show Me Something [add]
02. No Big Deal [add]
03. When All Is Said and Done [add]
04. Somebody Else's Woman [add]
05. Here Come the Kids [add]
06. Inside Moves [add]
07. Headlights [add]
08. Poor Side of Town [add]
09. Bop Till Ya Drop [add]

Michael Stanley (1972) 01. Rosewood Bitters lyrics
02. Denver Rain lyrics
03. Louisville A.D. [add]
04. A Friend and Nothing More lyrics
05. Rock & Roll Man [add]
06. Moving Right Along lyrics
07. Resurrection [add]
08. Good Time Charlie [add]
09. Song for a Friend Soon Gone [add]
10. Subterranean Homesick Blues [add]

Friends & Legends (1973) 01. Among My Friends Again [add]
02. Help! [add]
03. Yours for a Song [add]
04. Let's Get the Show on the Road [add]
05. Just Keep Playing Your Radio [add]
06. Roll On [add]
07. Bad Habits [add]
08. Funky Is the Drummer [add]
09. Poets' Day [add]

You Break It, You Bought It (1975) 01. I'm Gonna Love You [add]
02. Dancing in the Dark [add]
03. Step the Way [add]
04. Waste a Little Time on Me [add]
05. Lost in the Funhouse Again [add]
06. Gypsy Eyes lyrics
07. Face the Music [add]
08. Sweet Angel [add]
09. Where Have All the Clowns Gone [add]
10. Song for My Children [add]

Ladies' Choice (1976) 01. Ladies' Choice [add]
02. Calcutta Auction [add]
03. Strike up the Band [add]
04. Heavy Weight [add]
05. One Good Reason lyrics
06. Let It Slide [add]
07. Blue Jean Boy [add]
08. Old Dancin' Fool [add]
09. Edge of the Sky [add]
10. Love Hasn't Been Here [add]
11. Choice and Sanborn [add]

Stage Pass [live] (1977) 01. Midwest Midnight lyrics
02. One Good Reason lyrics
03. Real Good Time [add]
04. Nothing's Gonna Change My Mind lyrics
05. Calcutta Auction [add]
06. Movin' Right Along [add]
07. Will You Love Me Tomorrow [add]
08. Waste a Little Time on Me [add]
09. Pierette [add]
10. Rosewood Bitters lyrics
11. Wild Sanctuary [add]
12. Let's Get the Show on the Road [add]
13. Strike up the Band [add]

Cabin Fever (1978) 01. Baby If You Wanna Dance lyrics
02. Long Time (Looking for a Dream) [add]
03. Misery Loves Company [add]
04. Why Should Love Be This Way lyrics
05. Slip Away [add]
06. Who's to Blame [add]
07. What' Cha Wanna Do Tonight [add]
08. Fool's Parade [add]
09. Only a Dreamer [add]
10. Late Show [add]
11. Why Should Love Be This Way [Alternate Version] [add]

Greatest Hints (1979) 01. Last Night [add]
02. Don't Lead With Your Love [add]
03. Promises [add]
04. Down to the Wire [add]
05. No Turning Back [add]
06. Back in My Arms Again [add]
07. Beautiful Lies lyrics
08. Lights Out [add]
09. Hold Your Fire [add]
10. We're Not Strangers Anymore [add]

Heartland (1980) 01. I'll Never Need Anyone More (Than I Need You Tonight) [add]
02. Lover lyrics
03. Don't Stop the Music [add]
04. He Can't Love You lyrics
05. Working Again [add]
06. All I Ever Wanted lyrics
07. Say Goodbye [add]
08. Hearts on Fire [add]
09. Voodoo [add]
10. Carolyn [add]
11. Save a Little Piece for Me [add]
12. He Can't Love You [live/*] [add]
13. Lover [live/*] [add]

North Coast (1981) 01. In the Heartland lyrics
02. When Your Heart Says It's Right [add]
03. Somewhere in the Night [add]
04. You're My Love lyrics
05. Heaven and Hell lyrics
06. Don't You Do That to Me [add]
07. Falling in Love Again [add]
08. Tell Me [add]
09. Chemistry [add]
10. Victim of Circumstance [add]
11. We Can Make It [add]
12. Let's Hear It lyrics
13. Somewhere in the Night [live/*] [add]
14. Shut up and Leave Me Alone [live/*] [add]

MSB (1982) 01. In Between the Lines [add]
02. If You Love Me [add]
03. Night by Night [add]
04. When I'm Holding You Tight [add]
05. Spanish Nights lyrics
06. One of Those Dreams [add]
07. Love Hurts [add]
08. Hang Tough [add]
09. Just a Little Bit Longer [add]
10. Take This Time [add]
11. In Between the Lines [live/*] [add]
12. Fire in the Hole [live/*] [add]

You Can't Fight Fashion (1983) 01. Hard Time lyrics
02. Just Give Me Tonight [add]
03. Someone Like You lyrics
04. Highlife [add]
05. My Town lyrics
06. The Damage Is Done [add]
07. Fire in the Hole [add]
08. How Can You Call This Love [add]
09. Just How Good (A Bad Woman Feels) [add]
10. My Town [live/*] [add]
11. Someone Like You [live/*] [add]

Coming up for Air (1996) 01. After Hollywood lyrics
02. Coming Up for Air [add]
03. Poison Pen lyrics
04. Talking in Tongues [add]
05. Sendaway Underwear [add]
06. Everybody lyrics
07. Wherever You Go [add]
08. Yesterday's Eyes [add]
09. Complicated [add]
10. Just Between Friends [add]
11. Horizontal Mambo [add]
12. Sha-La-La-La lyrics
13. Terms of Surrender lyrics

Live in Tangiers: The Acoustic Shows (1998) 01. Midwest Midnight lyrics
02. I'll Never Need Anyone More [add]
03. After Hollywood lyrics
04. My Town lyrics
05. Spanish Nights lyrics
06. Working Again [add]
07. Rosewood Bitters lyrics
08. Time on My Hands [add]
09. Everything lyrics
10. All I Ever Wanted lyrics
11. Dancing in the Dark [add]
12. Somewhere over Paris [add]
13. Grownup Love Song [add]
14. Lover lyrics
15. In Between the Lines [add]
16. In the Heartland lyrics
17. Misery Loves Company [add]
18. Help! [add]
19. Blue Sky Song [add]
20. Let's Get the Show on the Road [add]
21. Beautiful Lies lyrics
22. What's Another Heart [add]
23. Waltzing's for Dreamers [add]
24. Will You Love Me Tomorrow [add]
25. Since You've Been Gone lyrics
26. Sendaway Underwear [add]
27. Falling in Love Again [add]
28. Terms of Surrender lyrics
29. Somewhere in the Night [add]
30. My Back Pages/ Goin' Back [add]

Eighteen Down (2000) 01. No Love Songs [add]
02. I Rest My Case [add]
03. Eleanor Rigby [add]
04. Tremolo Parkway [add]
05. I Cant Get This by Myself [add]
06. Endgame [add]
07. Any Other Fool lyrics
08. Downstream [add]
09. Borderline [add]
10. The Devil Came to Fremont Street [add]
11. Factory Man [add]
12. Hight Time [add]
13. I'll Kill Your Soul (And Dare Your Spirit to Move) [add]

The Ground (2003) 01. The Ground [add]
02. Romeo Is Bleeding [add]
03. Bound to ?Be [add]
04. You Would, You Have, You Will [add]
05. My Last Day on Earth [add]
06. In for a Dollar [add]
07. Long Way Past Midnight [add]
08. Different Reasons [add]
09. From a Train [add]
10. One Good Day in a Row [add]
11. Ugly All Day [add]
12. Easy [add]
13. Some Things [add]

American Road (2006) 01. Nothing and Everything to Prove [add]
02. American Road [add]
03. Wake 'Em Up [add]
04. The Times We Had [add]
05. Vicodin & Prayer [add]
06. What Would Frank Do [add]
07. Round and Round [add]
08. Just When You Thought It Was Safe [add]
09. Be My Baby [add]
10. Slow Kisses [add]
11. Backing Up Sally G [add]
12. Like Father Like Son [add]
13. Home Tonight [add]

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