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O.M.P. (Orange Mound Player) lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Playa Talez (1997) 01. Why a Player Hater Hate a Player [add]
02. I Trust Nobody [add]
03. The Hitman [add]
04. Money Hungry Hoes [add]
05. On the Low Down [add]
06. Kicknbakpeepngame [add]
07. Just Smokin' & Ridin' [add]
08. Pockets Bailed [add]
09. Snitches! [add]
10. Pimpologee [add]
11. Smooth [Remix] [add]
12. Memphis, Tennessee [add]

S M O O O O T H (1998) 01. Get Wit Me [add]
02. Open Your Mynd [add]
03. It's Time [add]
04. Home Alone [add]
05. I Hear Voices [add]
06. Funky Ride [add]
07. Love Turns 2 Murdah [add]
08. Gettin' Faded [add]
09. Another Nite on Tha Town [add]
10. S E X! [add]
11. S M O O O O T H [add]
12. Get Yo Hips in Motion [add]
13. Money Rules Everything [add]

This Game Got Me Stressin' (2000) 01. Enter the Game [add]
02. This Game Got Me Stressin' [add]
03. This Game Is Too Hot [add]
04. To Maintain in the Game [add]
05. You Don't Know Me [add]
06. All by My Lonely [add]
07. Watch Out! [add]
08. Popped in Yo Guts [add]
09. The Bizness [add]
10. Tryin' to Handle My Biz [add]
11. U Can't F**k Wit Us [add]
12. Orange Mound University [Remix] [add]
13. This Game Is Too Hot [Radio Edit] [add]
14. Exit the Game [add]

All About Them Dollars (2003) 01. Intro [add]
02. Cut Him, Make Sure He Screams [add]
03. Ever Luciferic Intro [add]
04. Ever Luciferic [add]
05. Orange Mound University [Remix] [add]
06. Why Me! [add]
07. On a Mission [add]
08. All About Them Dollars [add]
09. Cloud 9 [add]

High Speed Currency Chasin' (2003) 01. High Speed Currency Chasin' [add]
02. Y2K Pimpin' [add]
03. Get Yo Map Out Baby! [add]
04. Tryin' to Come Up! [add]
05. Murder She Wrote [add]
06. My Next Move [add]
07. Tryin' to Get Paid [add]
08. Cruizin' Wit My Ho [add]

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