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Del tha Funkee Homosapien lyrics
Genre: Rap
I Wish My Brother George Was Here (1991) 01. What Is a Booty [add]
02. Mistadobalina lyrics
03. The Wacky World of Rapid Transit [add]
04. Pissin' on Your Steps [add]
05. Dark Skin Girls [add]
06. Money for Sex [add]
07. Ahonetwo, Ahonetwo [add]
08. Prelude [add]
09. Dr. Bombay [add]
10. Sunny Meadowz [add]
11. Sleepin' on My Couch [add]
12. Hoodz Come in Dozens [add]
13. Same Ol' Thing [add]
14. Ya Lil' Crumbsnatchers [add]

No Need for Alarm (1994) 01. You're in Shambles [add]
02. Catch a Bad One [add]
03. Wack M.C.'s [add]
04. No Need for Alarm [add]
05. Boo Booheads [add]
06. Heats for the Kiddies [add]
07. Worldwide [add]
08. No More Worries [add]
09. Wrong Place [add]
10. In and Out [add]
11. Don't Forget [add]
12. Miles to Go [add]
13. Check It Ooout [add]
14. Thank Youse [add]

Future Development (1998) 01. Lyric Licking [add]
02. Stress the World [add]
03. Why You Wanna Get Funky... [add]
04. Don't Forget the Bass [add]
05. Faulty [add]
06. X-Files [add]
07. Future Development [add]
08. Corner Story [add]
09. Love Is Worth [add]
10. Del's Nightmare [add]
11. Games Begin [add]
12. Town to Town [add]
13. Checkin out the Rivalry [add]

Both Sides of the Brain (2000) 01. Time Is Too Expensive [add]
02. If You Must [add]
03. Jaw Gymnastics [add]
04. Pet Peeves [add]
05. Press Rewind [add]
06. Off Spring [add]
07. Style Police [add]
08. Fake as F**k [add]
09. BM's [add]
10. Skull 7 Crossbones [add]
11. Soopa Feen [add]
12. Disastrous [add]
13. Signature Slogans [add]
14. Catch All This [add]
15. Phoney Phranchise [add]
16. Proto Culture [add]
17. Stay on Your Toes [add]

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