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Horror lyrics
Genre: Rock
First Blood, Pt. 1-2 (2004) 01. The Horror [add]
02. Palakon [add]
03. The Myth [add]
04. Van Dieman's Land [add]
05. Fuck It [add]
06. Red Scare of Yesteryear [add]
07. Statistic [add]
08. Body Armour, Gas Grenades, Amonia and Stinkbombs [add]
09. No. Negative [add]
10. Nineteenseventythree [add]
11. Rock Cafe [add]
12. Conquering Lion [add]
13. Read Too Many Books [add]
14. Fencesitter [add]
15. Pointless [add]
16. Life as a Conspiracy [add]
17. Exotic? [add]
18. The Lost Days [add]
19. Let's Get Regional [add]
20. Quote Cliche [add]
21. Fuck the Romans [add]
22. Fuck Whatcha Heard [add]
23. Attack Ships on Fire [add]
24. Everyone [add]
25. Destined to Burn [add]
26. Has Patrick Swayze Become Cynical? [add]
27. You're in the Wrong Job [add]
28. All Kippers and Curtains [add]

The Fear, The Terror, The Horror (2006) 01. Fear, Terror, Horror [add]
02. Get Your Ass to Mars [add]
03. Annihilate Us All [add]
04. Coal Not Dole [add]
05. Who Mourns for Adonis? [add]
06. Reagan's Out [add]
07. So Full of Shit You're Poisonous [add]
08. Still Hate Thatcher [add]
09. High Drama [add]
10. Or8 [add]
11. This Is Not Bedford Falls [add]
12. Conan the Republican [add]
13. What Does Stella Know About Me? [add]
14. Catastrophic Fatalities [add]
15. Shout for Barabbas [add]
16. Give Me Boxed in or Give Me Death [add]
17. Reunited Ripper [add]
18. Kneel Before God [add]

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