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Genre: Rock
Strong Together (0000) 01. Taking My Love for Granted [add]
02. Slippin' up, Slippin' Around [add]
03. One Man's Woman [add]
04. If That's What Love Is All About [add]
05. We Can Be Strong [add]
06. Borrow Me [add]
07. If You're a Friend [add]
08. You've Got to Be Strong (To Be the Other Woman) [add]
09. Take a Little Time Out [add]
10. Gonna Get You into My Heart [add]
11. I Don't Wanna Be Around When the Hurt Comes [add]

Hot (1977) 01. Angel in Your Arms [add]
02. Right Feeling at the Wrong Time [add]
03. You Brought the Woman Out of Me [add]
04. If You Don't Love Her (When You Gonna Leave Her) [add]
05. Who's Gonna Love You? [add]
06. Mama's Girl [add]
07. You Can Do It [add]
08. You're the Reason for All the Songs [add]
09. Why Don't You Beleive in Your Man [add]
10. Don't Let Me Leave You Behind [add]
11. Just 'Cause I'm Guilty [add]

If That's the Way You Want It...You Got It (1978) 01. One Day at a Time [add]
02. Will You Still Love Me After I Leave Him [add]
03. Number Man's Game [add]
04. If I've Ever Needed You [add]
05. If That's the Way That You Want It [add]
06. I Don't Wanna Be the Reason That You Leave Her [add]
07. No Love in the Morning [add]
08. Just Because You Want It Don't Make It Yours [add]
09. I'm a Lover [add]
10. You're a Star Too Far Away [add]

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