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Jim Cosgrove lyrics
Genre: Children's
Ooey Gooey (2001) 01. Where're You Goin'? [add]
02. Ooey Gooey [add]
03. UFO Man [add]
04. Scabs [add]
05. Pajarito Canta [add]
06. I Love Baseball [add]
07. Milky Way [add]
08. Wiggle Wobble Tooth [add]
09. We're Jammin' [add]
10. Steve's Home of "How Ya Doin'?"'s [add]
11. Wake Up! [add]
12. Clickety Clack [add]
13. Band Practice [*] [add]

Stinky Feet [2002] (2002) 01. No More Cryin' Tonight [add]
02. Stinky Feet [add]
03. Rachel's Garden [add]
04. Smorgasbord [add]
05. Out in the Jungle [live] [add]
06. Frog in the Bog [add]
07. Diaper Bag Boogie [add]
08. Anger Bug [add]
09. Unicorn Song [add]
10. The Pickle Song [add]
11. Goober Peas [add]
12. Goin' to Bed Early Blues [add]
13. Good Night [add]

Bop Bop Dinosaur (2005) 01. Bop Bop Dinosaur [add]
02. Buddy Green [add]
03. Out in the Jungle [add]
04. Pickup Hiccup Truck [add]
05. St. Patrick Saves the Day [add]
06. You've Got to Laugh a Little [add]
07. I Knew a Young Girl (La Lee Lee) [add]
08. Kazoo Song [add]
09. Hey Lucy [add]
10. When You Look That Way at Me [add]
11. Old King Cole Revisited [add]
12. Let It Rain [add]

Mr. Stinky Feet's Road Trip (2005) 01. Road Trip [add]
02. What Color Is Your Mini-Van? [add]
03. Gobble Across the USA [add]
04. Slug Bug [add]
05. Counting Cows [add]
06. Are We There Yet? [add]
07. We're Friends [add]
08. Stand Up! [add]
09. Peanut Butter [add]
10. Mr. Trucker [add]
11. Kicki' Down the Road [add]
12. Daddy's Girl [add]

American Dreams (2006) 01. Man of Steel [add]
02. Down in the Hole [add]
03. Brave [add]
04. American Dreams [add]
05. Prayers [add]
06. Bretheren Unite [add]
07. Sick & Tired [add]
08. Working Man Hero's [add]
09. Westbound Express [add]
10. Over the Bridge [add]
11. Hold Your Hand [add]
12. Jimmy Crack Corn [add]

Mr. Stinky Feet's Christmas (2006) 01. Hark! It's Harold the Angel! [add]
02. Have You Seen That Star? [add]
03. Prepare the Way [add]
04. Mary's Little Boy [add]
05. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [add]
06. (Deck the Halls) [add]
07. How Many Days 'Til Christmas [add]
08. (Phlegmwick the Elf) [add]
09. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town [add]
10. (A Day at the Beach) [add]
11. Mele Kalikimaka (The Hawaiian Christmas Song) [add]
12. Santa Hey Santa [add]
13. Whatcha Gonna Call That Baby? [add]
14. Peace on Earth [add]
15. Away in a Manger [add]

Pick Me! Pick Me! (2006) 01. Shout "Hurray! " [add]
02. Little Red Wagon [add]
03. Pick Me! Pick Me! [add]
04. Hi Dee Ho [add]
05. Fancy Pants Dance [add]
06. Peace to the Children [add]
07. Mary Kate's Birthday Cake [add]
08. Put Down the Binky [add]
09. Cookie's Tale [add]
10. Sammy the Snail [add]
11. Monster Trucks [add]
12. Lucy Sings [add]
13. If I Were a Dog [add]
14. So Long [add]

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