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The Cruel Sea lyrics
Genre: Rock
Down Below (1990) 01. Down Below [add]
02. The Gap [add]
03. Deadwood [add]
04. Navigate [add]
05. I'll Take Care of You [add]
06. Zip It Up [add]
07. The Drift [add]
08. Margarita [add]
09. Reckless Eyeballin' [add]
10. How Low? [add]
11. I Don't Know Why [add]

This Is Not the Way Home (1991) 01. It's Alright ('Cause She Loves Me) [add]
02. Baby [add]
03. Four [instrumental] [add]
04. Sure 'Nuff [add]
05. Don't Sell It [add]
06. Cry for Me [add]
07. Fangin' Hoons [add]
08. This Is Not the Way Home [add]
09. Shadder [add]
10. I Feel [add]
11. You Are Gone [add]
12. High Plains Drifter [add]

The Honeymoon Is Over (1993) 01. Orleans Stomp [add]
02. The Honeymoon Is Over [add]
03. Delivery Man [add]
04. The Right Time [add]
05. Black Stick [add]
06. Sly Din [add]
07. Naked Flame [add]
08. Woman With Soul [add]
09. Seems Twice [add]
10. Better Than Love [add]
11. X-N-Pop [add]
12. Let's Lay Down Here and Make Love [add]
13. Blame It on the Moon [add]

Rock 'n Roll Duds (1995) 01. Cool It Down [add]
02. Down the Stairs Backwards [add]
03. Delivery Man [add]
04. Blue Dog [add]
05. Moby Dick [add]
06. High Sheriff of Calhoun Parish [add]
07. Victoria's Lament [add]
08. Bohemian Rhapsody [add]
09. Everybody's Talkin' [add]
10. Cabbage Tree Creek [add]
11. Momma Killed a Chicken [add]
12. Looks Like It's Gonna Rain [add]
13. Manic Depression [add]
14. Copper's Waltz [add]
15. See Ya Later [add]
16. Delilah [add]

Three Legged Dog (1995) 01. This Is What It Is [add]
02. Just a Man [add]
03. Anybody But You [add]
04. Too Fast for Me [add]
05. Teach Me [add]
06. Hard Candy [add]
07. Too Late to Turn Back [add]
08. Baby Meet [add]
09. Save Me [add]
10. Gimme Back My Thing [add]
11. Better Get a Lawyer [add]
12. Brain Wash [add]
13. Three Legged Dog [add]
14. The Lot [add]
15. Strange Thing [add]

Over Easy (1998) 01. The Charmer [add]
02. Runnin' [add]
03. Hard Times [add]
04. 13th Floor [add]
05. Takin' All Day [add]
06. You'll Do [add]
07. Welcome [add]
08. Only Falling Water [add]
09. Unending Thing [add]
10. Down on Me [add]
11. Daytona [add]
12. Seaman's Lament [add]
13. This Time of Year [add]

Where There's Smoke (2001) 01. The Man With the Horn [add]
02. No Choice [add]
03. Daylight [add]
04. I Don't Worry Anymore [add]
05. There's a Chicken in the House [add]
06. A Simple Goodbye [add]
07. She Got Soul [add]
08. Like I Like It [add]
09. Cocaine [add]
10. Slo Down [add]
11. It Won't Last [add]
12. Million $ Ho [add]
13. Coming for You [add]
14. The Floater [add]

We Don't Work, We Play Music (2003) 01. Theme from Naked Ambition [add]
02. Her Eyes Are a Blue Million Miles [add]
03. Groovy Situation [add]
04. Look-A-Py Py [add]
05. Hit It and Quit It [add]
06. Angel [add]
07. I Made a Friend [add]
08. At the Station [add]
09. Crazy Baldheads [add]
10. Sugar [add]
11. Mellow Mood [add]
12. Steak 'N' Eggs [add]
13. We Don't Work [add]
14. Pluckin' [add]
15. I Can't Tell You Why [add]
16. Run for Cover [add]
17. Double Barrel [add]
18. This Is What It Is [add]
19. Delivery Man [add]
20. Better Get a Lawyer [add]
21. Baby Meet [add]
22. Joyce #2 [add]
23. She Got Soul [add]
24. Soul Dressing [add]
25. The Charmer [add]
26. 3-Legged Dog [add]
27. Its Alright (Cause She Loves Me) [add]
28. This Is Not the Way Home [add]
29. The Honeymoon Is Over [add]

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