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The Hamsters lyrics
Genre: Rock
Electric Hamsterland (1990) 01. Purple Haze [add]
02. Voodoo Chile [add]
03. Fire [add]
04. Little Wing [add]
05. Spanish Castle Music [add]
06. Foxey Lady [add]
07. Stone Free [add]
08. The Wind Cries Mary [add]
09. All Along the Watchtower [add]
10. Hey Joe [add]
11. Star Spangled Banner [add]

Hamsters (1993) 01. Make Love to You (I Wanna) [add]
02. Georgia Slop [add]
03. Climbing the Corporate Ladder [add]
04. In the Heat of the Night [add]
05. The Guitar Bug [add]
06. I Wouldn't Treat a Dog [add]
07. Slim's Blues/Blues for the Blues [add]
08. Heart of Darkness [add]
09. Black Monday (All Over Again) [add]
10. Little Fine & Healthy Thing [add]
11. Chevrolet [add]
12. Sittin' on the Boat Dock [add]
13. You'll Come Running Back to Me [add]
14. Check Up from the Neck Up [add]

Route 666 (1995) 01. Route 666 [add]
02. Rocket in My Pocket [add]
03. Blues on Their Own [add]
04. Come to Poppa [add]
05. Ain't Living Long Like This [add]
06. Tear It Up [add]
07. Boogie Man [add]
08. Only Rock'n'roll [add]
09. It Is What It Is [add]
10. Over You [add]

Jimi Hendrix Memorial Concerts 1995 (1996) 01. Foxey Lady [add]
02. Fire [add]
03. Little Wing [add]
04. Izabella [add]
05. Up from the Skies [add]
06. Power of Soul [add]
07. Spanish Castle Magic [add]
08. Rock Me, Baby [add]
09. Voodoo Chile [add]
10. Hey, Baby (Land Of The New Rising Sun) [add]
11. Burning of the Midnight Lamp [add]
12. Ezy Rider [add]
13. Hey, Joe [add]
14. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) [add]
15. Room Full of Mirrors [add]
16. Third Stone from the Sun [add]
17. Come On (Let The Good Times Roll) [add]
18. 51st Anniversary [add]
19. I Don't Live Today [add]
20. Love or Confusion [add]
21. The Wind Cries Mary [add]
22. Manic Depression [add]
23. Stone Free [add]
24. All Along the Watchtower [add]
25. Star Spangled Banner [add]
26. Purple Haze [add]
27. Angel [add]

Pet Sounds: Ten Years of Rodent Rock (1998) 01. Fire [add]
02. La Grange [add]
03. Mercury Blues [add]
04. Sweet Little Lisa [add]
05. Cadillac Walk [add]
06. Ju Ju Man [add]
07. Climbing the Corporate Ladder [Early Version] [add]
08. Guitar Bug [add]
09. Heat of the Night [add]
10. Black Monday [add]
11. Chevrolet [add]
12. Route 666 [add]
13. Boogie Man [add]
14. Only Rock'n' Roll [add]
15. Room Full of Mirrors [add]
16. Stone Free [add]
17. Little Wing [add]
18. Straight Ahead [add]
19. If 6 Was 9 [add]
20. Machine Gun [add]
21. Voodoo Chile [add]
22. Hey, Baby (Land of the New Rising Sun) [add]
23. Moon, Turn the Tides Gently Gently Away... [add]
24. Midnight [add]
25. Pali Gap [add]
26. Sunshine of Your Love [add]
27. She's Just Killing Me [add]
28. Fool for Your Stockings [add]
29. Can't Stop Rockin' [add]
30. My Head's in Mississippi [add]
31. Pincushion [add]
32. Got Me Under Pressure [add]
33. Blues for the Blues [add]
34. All Along the Watchtower [add]

Condensed Hamsters (2000) 01. Switchboard Susan [add]
02. Georgia Slop [add]
03. Linda Lu [add]
04. Hard Ridin' Papa [add]
05. Crazy 'Bout an Automobile [add]
06. The Walk [add]
07. Chevrolet [add]
08. They Called It Rock [add]
09. Sweet Little Lisa [add]
10. Pouring Water on a Drowning Man [add]
11. Double Trouble [add]
12. Fire Down Below [add]
13. Chequebook [add]
14. Brother Doctor, Sister Nurse [add]

Hamster Jam (2000) 01. Only Rock 'N' Roll [add]
02. The Gangster of Love [add]
03. Manic Depression [add]
04. Cadillac Walk [add]
05. Highway Chile [add]
06. Ju Ju Man [add]
07. Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash [add]
08. Crosstown Traffic [add]
09. Wild Thing [add]
10. The Queen [add]
11. Crossroads [add]
12. Red House [add]
13. Can't Stop Rockin' [add]
14. Barefoot Rock [add]
15. Romeo's Escape [add]

They Live by Night (2002) 01. Show Me [add]
02. Trigger Man [add]
03. Lonesome Blues [add]
04. Breaking Up Somebody's Home [add]
05. Crossroads [add]
06. Glad When I Got the Blues [add]
07. Blonde Ambition [add]
08. Wanna Make Love to You [add]
09. Only Slide I Ever Played On [add]
10. Blues for the Blues [add]
11. Rocket in My Pocket [add]
12. Boogie Man [add]
13. Livin' It Down [add]
14. Never Get Me Up in One of Those [add]
15. The Walk [add]

Open All Hours (2004) 01. Just Came Back [add]
02. My Future Ex-Wife [add]
03. Taxi Driver [add]
04. A Thing Called Love [add]
05. Brother Doctor, Sister Nurse [add]
06. Lucky in Love [add]
07. Lover Don't Bother Me [add]
08. Burning the Church House Down [add]
09. Wouldn't Lay My Guitar Down [add]
10. Somebody's Leaving Somebody [add]
11. Check Up from the Neck Up [add]
12. Switchboard Susan [add]
13. The Unforgiven [add]

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