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Genre: Reggae
Holding On (1989) 01. Holding On [add]
02. First Date [add]
03. Turn It Down [add]
04. Could It Be Love [add]
05. A Nuh Me Seh So [add]
06. Stop Spreading Rumours [Scandalous Remix] [add]
07. Camouflage [add]
08. Where Were You [add]
09. Pirates' Anthem [Skull & Crossbones Mix] [add]
10. Lovable [add]
11. Stop Spreading Rumours [*] [add]

Another One for the Road (1992) 01. Another One for the Road [add]
02. No Blood for Oil [add]
03. Original Gangster [add]
04. Hip Hop [add]
05. Ain't No Woman (Like the One I've Got) [add]
06. The Going Is Rough [add]
07. Only Me [add]
08. Idle Talking [add]
09. Competition [add]
10. Alien [add]

Pirates' Anthem (2002) 01. Pirates' Anthem [add]
02. Single Life [add]
03. Camouflage [add]
04. A Nuh Me Seh So [add]
05. Holding On [add]
06. Could It Be Love [add]
07. First Date [add]
08. Lovable [add]
09. Turn It Down [add]
10. Where Were You [add]
11. Why Turn Down the Sound [add]
12. Stop Spreading Rumours [add]
13. Pirates' Anthem [Skull & Crossbones 12 Mix] [add]

Stronger Now (2004) 01. Skin Lotion [add]
02. Anger [add]
03. Believe in Yourself [add]
04. Number One [add]
05. She's Got the Look [add]
06. Tippin [add]
07. Ramsaram [add]
08. It's You [add]
09. Stronger Now [add]
10. I'm Not Ashamed [add]
11. When Love Come Knocking [add]
12. Hard Times [add]
13. Fantasy [add]
14. Say Babe [add]
15. You Are the Reason [add]

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