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The Sons of Champlin lyrics
Genre: Rock
Loosen Up Naturally (1969) 01. 1982-A [add]
02. The Thing to Do [add]
03. Misery Isn't Free [add]
04. Rooftop lyrics
05. Everywhere [add]
06. Don't Fight It, Do It! [add]
07. Get High [add]
08. Black and Blue Rainbow [add]
09. Hello Sunlight [add]
10. Things Are Getting Better [add]
11. Freedom [add]

The Sons (1969) 01. Love of a Woman [add]
02. Terry's Tune [add]
03. Boomp Boomp Chomp [add]
04. Why Do People Run From the Rain? [add]
05. It's Time [add]
06. Country Girl [add]
07. You Can Fly [add]
08. Jesus Is Coming, Pt. 1 [*] [add]
09. Jesus Is Coming, Pt. 2 [*] [add]

Minus Seeds & Stems (1970) 01. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? [add]
02. You Don't Love Me No More [add]
03. Nice Time Being [add]
04. Miles Around You [add]
05. What Are We Doing Here [add]
06. Lucille [add]
07. Beer Barrel Polka [add]
08. Yo Mama [add]
09. Uncle Mergetroid [add]
10. Chico Smoke El Ropo [add]
11. Instantaneous Instrumental Jam or Do Watcha Wanna Do [add]
12. Get High [Piano Solo Excerpt] [add]
13. Hey Children [add]
14. Hag Backwards (Inside Outside) [add]
15. Beggin' You Baby [add]

Follow Your Heart (1971) 01. Before You Right Now [add]
02. Children Know [add]
03. Hey Children [add]
04. Follow Your Heart [add]
05. Beside You [add]
06. Headway [add]
07. The Child Continued [add]
08. A Sound Love [add]
09. Well Done [add]

Welcome to the Dance (1973) 01. Lightnin' [add]
02. For Joy [add]
03. Who/Heaven Only Knows [add]
04. Right On [add]
05. No Mo' [add]
06. The Swim [add]
07. Welcome to the Dance [add]
08. Welcome to the Dance: Silence [add]
09. Welcome to the Dance: Sound/Turn Around [add]
10. Welcome to the Dance: Healthy Woman [add]
11. Welcome to the Dance: Welcome to the Dance [add]

The Sons of Champlin [live] (1975) 01. Lookout [add]
02. Like To Get To Know You [add]
03. Marp [add]
04. Planet Ripper [add]
05. All And Everything [add]
06. Without Love [add]
07. Rainbow's End [add]
08. Geoff's Vibe [add]
09. Queen of the Rain [add]
10. Gold Mine [add]

A Circle Filled with Love (1976) 01. Hold On [add]
02. Here Is Where Your Love Belongs [add]
03. Follow Your Heart [add]
04. Knickanick [add]
05. Imagination's Sake [add]
06. Still in Love With You [add]
07. Circle Filled With Love [add]
08. To the Sea [add]
09. You [add]
10. For O. While [add]
11. Slippery When It's Wet [add]
12. Helping Hand [add]

Loving Is Why (1977) 01. Saved by the Grace of Your Love [add]
02. Loving Is Why [add]
03. What'cha Gonna Do? [add]
04. West End [add]
05. Big Boss Man [add]
06. Time Will Bring You Love [add]
07. Doin' It for You [add]
08. Where I Belong [add]
09. Let That Be a Lesson [add]
10. Love Can Take Me Now [add]

Live (1998) 01. Fat City [add]
02. 1982-A [add]
03. Rooftop lyrics
04. No Mo' [add]
05. Black and Blue Rainbow [add]
06. Things Are Getting Better [add]
07. Get High [add]
08. Time Will Bring You Love [add]
09. Follow Your Heart [add]
10. Misery Isn't Free [add]
11. Tobacco Road [add]
12. Freedom [add]
13. Hold On [add]

Secret [live] (2004) 01. Hold On/For Joy [add]
02. Rooftop lyrics
03. Look Out [add]
04. Right On [add]
05. Maybe [add]
06. Get High [add]
07. Gold Mine [add]
08. Poppa Can Play [*] [add]

Hip Li'l Dreams (2005) 01. For Joy [add]
02. Dream On [add]
03. I'm Not Your Lover [add]
04. Swim [add]
05. Hip Li'l Dreams [add]
06. Soul Explosions [add]
07. Bring Home the Gold [add]
08. Maybe [add]
09. Star Outa' You [add]
10. "74" [add]
11. Light Up the Candles [add]

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