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Holy Sons lyrics
Genre: Rock
Staying True to the Ascetic Roots (2001) 01. Sugar Jets [add]
02. We Are an Island [add]
03. Unhaunted [add]
04. Blow to the Head [add]
05. Overhead There's Unity [add]
06. Keep on Dreaming [add]
07. Dissatisfaction as Virtue [add]
08. Failure Wish Rising [add]
09. Wax Bag Blues [add]
10. As the World Paints Over Me [add]

Lost Decade (2001) 01. To Abraxas with Headaches [add]
02. Of Cain [add]
03. Supraharmony [add]
04. Wounded Son [add]
05. The Voice [add]
06. Wait Stop Plex [add]
07. I Wish the Night [add]
08. Ladders Kicked Down [add]
09. I Went Down with the Dogs [add]
10. Jesus Was Walking [add]
11. Rebel of Vicarious Life [add]
12. A Rail [add]

Enter the Uninhabitable (2002) 01. Rough Sketch [add]
02. A Raw Youth [add]
03. The Beach [add]
04. Springing out of the Earthy Sick [add]
05. Drainpipe [add]
06. To the Sour Beat [add]
07. Festering Mind Energy [add]
08. Earthy Sick (Reprise) [add]
09. Who Knows What Desperado Means? [add]
10. Bad Reflections [add]
11. White Paste Taste [add]
12. Golden Tomb [add]
13. Old Man Way [add]
14. Up on My High Horse (Again) [add]
15. Blue Champagne [add]
16. Wounded Son II [add]

I Want to Live a Peaceful Life (2003) 01. Trivialized [add]
02. Stunned [add]
03. Family Man [add]
04. Every Mansa Riddle [add]
05. Getting Old [add]
06. Spirits High [add]
07. Last Hurrah [add]
08. Ready to Die [add]
09. All the Wrong Things [add]
10. Hermit's Tune [add]
11. Washed Out [add]
12. Desire [add]
13. Amen [add]

Decline of the West (2006) 01. Gnostic Device [add]
02. The Feral Kid [add]
03. Saccharine Trust [add]
04. Slave Morality [add]
05. Bleakest Picture [add]
06. Nothing Left [add]
07. More Noise Pollution [add]
08. Satanic Androids [add]
09. Level Anything [add]
10. Kindred Spirit [add]
11. Evil Falls [add]
12. Things You Do While Waiting for the Apocalypse [add]

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