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Jonathan Ian lyrics
Genre: Rock
I (2006) 01. High Quality [add]
02. The Greatest Actor of All [add]
03. Worse Than This [add]
04. Inconsequential [add]
05. Driven Repent [add]
06. Burned in the Sun [add]
07. Playing a Dead Song [add]
08. Repeating Verse [add]
09. Looking at Someone [add]
10. Maiden in Armour [add]
11. Seamless Soul [add]
12. All That I'm Left With [add]
13. You Have Your Reasons [add]
14. Entertain Me Again [add]
15. Rendered Absurd [add]
16. Exist [add]
17. Sung It All Away [add]

II (2006) 01. Intro [add]
02. Misery [add]
03. Novelty [add]
04. Resources Are Thin [add]
05. Immortalized with the Digital World [add]
06. We All Hate You Here [add]
07. Bunch of Nothing [add]
08. My Body [add]
09. Waiting Still [add]
10. None the Less [add]
11. Could You Let Me [add]
12. Dear Maiden [add]
13. 15 Seconds [add]
14. We Know [add]
15. The Farewell [add]
16. I'm Tired [add]

III (2006) 01. Hey People [add]
02. You Bought It [add]
03. Region [add]
04. Standard Form Letter [add]
05. Still Singing [add]
06. Gripes & Grievances [add]
07. Four Years [add]
08. Martin Creed [add]
09. Wayne Gacey Was a Clown [add]
10. I Didn't Lose Anything [add]
11. Welcome to the Rest of Your Life [add]
12. Last of the Maiden Faires [add]
13. I'm Better Than That [add]
14. Eternally Bitter [add]
15. You Did It All Wrong [add]

IV (2007) 01. Beyond Me [add]
02. Rebuild It Anyway [add]
03. I Want My Space [add]
04. I Think for Myself [add]
05. I Can See Through Her [add]
06. Half Asleep [add]
07. Slurred Speech [add]
08. Verbal Poison [add]
09. The Lost Song [add]
10. The Quote "underground" [add]
11. Everyone Goes Through the Same Thing [add]
12. Protesting the Protesters [add]
13. Here's a Story [add]
14. Do Without You [add]
15. Six Years Away [add]
16. Be Myself [add]

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