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Idris Muhammad lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Black Rhythm Revolution (0000) 01. By the Red Sea [add]
02. Super Bad [add]
03. Express Yourself [add]
04. Soulful Drums [add]
05. Wander [add]

Fox Huntin' (0000) 01. Boogie Boots [add]
02. Foxhuntin' [add]
03. (Dance Dance) Work Your Body [add]
04. Love New Orleans [add]
05. Are We Doin' It [add]
06. Dancing in the Land of Lovely Ladies [add]

Peace & Rhythm (1971) 01. Brother You Know You're Doing Wrong [add]
02. Don't Knock My Love [add]
03. I'm a Believer [add]
04. Peace and Rhythm Suite: Peace/Rhythm [add]

Power of Soul (1974) 01. Power of Soul [add]
02. Piece of Mind [add]
03. The Saddest Thing [add]
04. Loran's Dance [add]

House of the Rising Sun (1976) 01. House of the Rising Sun [add]
02. Bahia [add]
03. Hard to Face the Music [add]
04. Theme for New York City (Based on Chopin's Prelude in E Minor, Op. 28, [add]
05. Sudan [add]
06. Hey Pocky A-Way [add]

Turn This Mutha Out (1977) 01. Could Heaven Ever Be Like This [add]
02. Camby Bolongo [add]
03. Turn This Mutha Out [add]
04. Tasty Cakes [add]
05. Crab Apple [add]
06. Moon Hymn [add]
07. Say What [add]

Boogie to the Top (1978) 01. Boogie to the Top [add]
02. Bread [add]
03. One With a Star [add]
04. Stick It in Your Face [add]
05. S-E-X [add]

Kabsha (1980) 01. Kabsha [add]
02. I Want to Talk About You [add]
03. Little Feet [add]
04. GCCG Blues [add]
05. Soulful Drums [add]
06. St. M [add]
07. Kabsha [alternate take/#/*] [add]
08. GCCG Blues [alternate take/#/*] [add]

Make It Count (1980) 01. For Your Love (Prelude) [add]
02. For Your Love [add]
03. I'm So Glad [add]
04. Love in the Tub [add]
05. I Believe in You [add]
06. Don't Fight the Feeling [add]
07. New Orleans [add]

My Turn (1993) 01. Piece O' Cake [add]
02. Free [add]
03. There Is a Girl [add]
04. Dark Roads [add]
05. Dracula [add]
06. This Love [add]
07. Happenstance [add]
08. Stranger [add]
09. Where Did We Go Wrong? [add]

Right Now (1998) 01. Miles' Mode [add]
02. Straight Street [add]
03. 1220 Lyons Street [add]
04. New Orleans Gumbo [add]
05. Night and Day [add]
06. Hole in One [add]
07. Big Bad Wolf [add]
08. Tap Dancer [add]
09. Right Now [add]

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