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Goose Creek Symphony lyrics
Genre: Country
Established 1970 (1970) 01. I'll Fly Away [add]
02. Charlie's Tune [add]
03. A Statified Mind [add]
04. Confusion [add]
05. No News Is Good News [add]
06. Talk About Goose Creek and Other Important Places [add]
07. Beautiful Bertha [add]
08. Raid on Bush Creek in '39 [add]
09. Big Time Saturday Night [add]
10. Symphony Music [add]

Words of Earnest (1972) 01. Gearheart and God [add]
02. Me & Him [add]
03. Words of Earnest [add]
04. Rush on Love lyrics
05. Mercedes Benz [add]
06. Medley: Guitars Pickin, Fiddles Playin/Orange Blossom Special lyrics
07. Whupin' It [add]
08. Speakin' Of [add]
09. Broken Creek Goose Down [add]
10. The Gospel [add]

Welcome to Goose Creek (1973) 01. Welcome to Goose Creek lyrics
02. Right Track lyrics
03. Back Here lyrics
04. Saga Neath the Sycamore [add]
05. Uncle Pen [add]
06. The Corn Won't Grow, So Rock & Roll lyrics
07. Miana and Me [add]
08. I Won't Go Through That Again [add]
09. Higher on the Mountain [add]
10. Finale for a Symphony [add]

Head for the Hills (1976) 01. Goin' Down the Road [add]
02. Number One Gravy Band [add]
03. How-Do-Hi [add]
04. Pretty Mama/Hey Good Lookin' [add]
05. Head for the Hills/Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]
06. Without a Reason [add]
07. Lazy [add]
08. People Like Me/Goin' Down the Road (Reprise) [add]

Goose Is Loose (1996) 01. Hillbilly Nation Poem [add]
02. Goose Gettin' Down [add]
03. Saturday Night at the Grange/Plans of the Lord [add]
04. I Am the Earth [add]
05. Oxygen [add]
06. Don't Panic [add]
07. Mercedes Benz [add]
08. Words of Earnest [add]
09. Talk About Goose Creek and Other Important Places [add]
10. Still Dumb [add]
11. Guitars Pickin', Fiddles Playin' [add]

Acoustic Goose (1998) 01. Welcome to Goose Creek lyrics
02. Still Dumb [add]
03. Medley: The Corn Won't Grow So Rock & Roll/Guitars Pickin' & Fiddles [add]
04. Whupin' It [add]
05. Miana and Me [add]
06. Words of Earnest [add]
07. The Gospel [add]
08. Medley: Saturday Night at the Grange/Lil' Liza Jane/Everybody Wants To [add]
09. That's the World We're Livin' in Today [add]
10. Eight Years Old [add]
11. Rush on Love lyrics
12. Talk About Goose Creek and Other Important Places [add]

Goin' Home (2002) 01. Goin' Home [add]
02. Long Way Down [add]
03. Gob Sows [add]
04. Fitful Sleep [add]
05. Jesus Blues [add]
06. Livin' in a Panic [add]
07. Say "Hi" to the Toad [add]
08. Party in the Sky [add]
09. Goin' Home (Reprise) [add]
10. Sweet By and By [add]

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