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Isla St. Clair lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Scenes of Scotland (1996) 01. Lest We Forget (Poem) [add]
02. Queen Edinbro' [add]
03. Couthy Cullen [add]
04. Ballachulish [add]
05. Poem- The Call Tae Arms [add]
06. Lament for the Commandos/Dunkirk [add]
07. Lullin the Littlin' [add]
08. A Toast to Stornoway [add]
09. The Lifeboat [add]
10. Spinning Wheel [add]
11. Glen Isla/Green Ruby Waltz [add]
12. Glencoe [add]
13. The Bonnie Boats O' Buckie [add]
14. Poet and Lover (Poem) [add]

Inheritance (1997) 01. The Flowers of the Forest [add]
02. Ye Jacobites by Name [add]
03. Smile in Your Sleep [add]
04. Fareweel Tae Tarwathie [add]
05. Fear a Bhata [add]
06. MacCrimmon's Lament [add]
07. The 51st Highleand Division's Farewell to Sicily [add]
08. Come Ye O'Er Frae France [add]
09. Hush Ye Noo [add]
10. The Norland Wind [add]
11. The Freedom Come-All-Ye [add]
12. The Hills of Ardmorn [add]

Tatties & Herrin': The Land [live] (1997) 01. Tatties and Herrin' [add]
02. The Plooman Laddies [add]
03. Wi' My Rovin' Eye [add]
04. Arlin's Fine Braes [add]
05. Up the Noran Water [add]
06. Bogie's Bonnie Belle [add]
07. The Kirk O' Birnieboozle [add]
08. Drumdelgie [add]
09. Chairlie O' Chairlie [add]
10. Band O' Shearers [add]
11. Johnny Sangster [add]
12. Guise O' Tough [add]
13. Barnyards O'Delgaty [add]
14. Nicky Tams [add]
15. Dying Ploughboy [add]
16. TWA Recruitin' Sergeants [add]
17. Emigrants Farewell to Donside [add]
18. Hilly's Man [add]
19. Tatties and Herrin' [add]

Tatties & Herrin': The Sea (1997) 01. Tatties and Herrin' [add]
02. Song of the Fishgutters [add]
03. Skippin Barfit [add]
04. Lullin the Littlin' [add]
05. Children's Nonsense Songs [add]
06. The Bonnie Fisher Lass [add]
07. Fisherman's Lassie [add]
08. Shoals of Herring [add]
09. The Greenland Whale [add]
10. Farewell to Tarwathie [add]
11. The Mermaid [add]
12. Bonnie Boats O' Buckie [add]
13. Herrin's Heid [add]
14. Johnny My Man [add]
15. Will Your Anchor Hold? [add]
16. The Lifeboat [add]
17. The Song of the Fisherman's Wife [add]
18. Couthy Cullen [add]
19. Tatties and Herrin' [add]

When the Pipers Play (1998) 01. When the Pipers Play lyrics
02. Ticonderoga [add]
03. Teady O'Neale [add]
04. The Piper at the Alamo [add]
05. Flowers of the Forest [add]
06. American Piper [add]
07. French King's Bodyguard [add]
08. Mouth Music [add]
09. Irish Dance [add]
10. Twa' Recruiting Sergeants [add]
11. Muir of Culloden [add]
12. A Hundred Pipers [add]

Looking Forward to the Past (2003) 01. Songbird [add]
02. Who Knows Where the Time Goes [add]
03. Bridge Over Troubled Water [add]
04. Lowlands Away [add]
05. Ae Fond Kiss [add]
06. The Boatman (Gaelic: Fear A' Bharta) [add]
07. The Ballad of Danny Boy [add]
08. Border Windows Lament [add]
09. My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose [add]
10. As Time Goes By [add]
11. Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue [add]

My Generation (2003) 01. Westering Home [add]
02. Carls O'Dysart/Tail Toddle [add]
03. Nut Brown Maiden/Mairi's Wedding/Dashing White Sergeant [add]
04. Eriskay Love Lilt [add]
05. Jim the Carter Lad [add]
06. Oak and the Ash/Early One Morning/Lavender Blue [add]
07. John Peel/Dido, Benigo/The Keeper/John Peel [add]
08. Sovay [add]
09. Island Spinning Song [add]
10. Street Songs [add]
11. I'll Tell My Ma [add]
12. Molly Malone [add]
13. Hey Johnny Cope [add]
14. Keel Row/Dance to Your Daddy/Wee Copper O'Fife [add]
15. The Drunken Sailor [add]
16. Shenandoah [add]
17. Yankee Doodle/Mr Fox/Mr Froggie/Oh, Susanna/Yankee Doodle [add]
18. My Bonnie/A Life on the Ocean Wave/Soldier Won't You Marry Me/Britis [add]

Highland Songs (2004) 01. Westering Home [add]
02. Bonnie House of Airlie [add]
03. Reynardine [add]
04. Eriskay Love Lilt [add]
05. The Battle of Harlaw [add]
06. The Bonnie Earl of Moray [add]
07. The Gaberlunzie Man [add]
08. Mouth Music [add]
09. The Earl of Errol [add]
10. Helen of Kirkconnell [add]
11. Hey Johnny Cope! [add]
12. The Twa Corbies [add]
13. Eppie Morrie [add]
14. Island Spinning Song [add]
15. Barbara Allen [add]
16. When the Pipers Play lyrics

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