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Harold Mabern lyrics
Genre: Jazz
A Few Miles from Memphis (0000) 01. A Few Miles from Memphis [add]
02. Walkin' Back [add]
03. A Treat for Bea [add]
04. Syden Blue [add]
05. There's Kind of Hush [add]
06. B&B [add]
07. To Wayne [add]

Rakin' and Scrapin' (0000) 01. Rakin' and Scrapin' [add]
02. Such Is Life [add]
03. Aon [add]
04. I Heard It Through the Grapevine [add]
05. Valerie [add]

Workin' and Wailin' (0000) 01. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby [add]
02. A Time for Love [add]
03. Waltzing Westward [add]
04. I Can't Understand What I See in You [add]
05. Strozier's Mode [add]
06. Blues for Phineas [add]

Greasy Kid Stuff! (0000) 01. Greasy Kid Stuff [add]
02. Alex the Great [add]
03. XKE [add]
04. Neely, John [add]
05. Beautiful People [add]
06. I Haven't Got Anything Better to Do [add]
07. I Want You Back [add]

Pisces Calling (0000) 01. Pisces Calling [add]
02. The Lyrical Cole-Man [add]
03. Waltzing Westward [add]
04. Too Late to Fall Back Baby [add]
05. Edward Lee [add]

The Leading Man (0000) 01. Yes or No [add]
02. Save the Best for Last [add]
03. Full House [add]
04. She/Mr. Lucky [add]
05. Alone Together [add]
06. TheMan From Hyde Park [add]
07. B & B [add]
08. T-Bone Steak [add]
09. Mercury Retro [add]

For Phineas [live] (0000) 01. For Carl [add]
02. Jeanine [add]
03. I Get a Kick Out of You [add]
04. Jate [add]
05. While My Lady Sleeps [add]
06. Consummation [add]
07. Rakin' and Scrapin' [add]
08. Straighten up and Fly Right [add]

Wailin' (1969) 01. Strozier's Mode [add]
02. Blues for Phineas [add]
03. I Can't Understand What I See in You [add]
04. Waltzing Westward [add]
05. A Time for Love [add]
06. Greasy Kid Stuff [add]
07. I Haven't Got Anything Better to Do [add]
08. XKE [add]
09. Alex the Great [add]
10. I Want You Back [add]
11. John Neely-Beautiful People [add]

Straight Street (1989) 01. Mr. Stitt [add]
02. It's All in the Game [add]
03. To Wayne [add]
04. Afterthoughts [add]
05. Straight Street [add]
06. Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing [add]
07. Crescent [add]
08. It's You or No One [add]
09. Seminole [add]
10. Apab and Others [add]

Philadelphia Bound (1991) 01. Philadelphia Bound [add]
02. Are You Real [add]
03. Ceora [add]
04. Lazy Bird [add]
05. Whisper Not [add]
06. The Gigolo [add]
07. Dear Lord [add]
08. So Tired [add]
09. The Cry of My People [add]
10. Six Steps [add]
11. Edward Lee [add]

Lookin' on the Bright Side (1993) 01. Look on the Bright Side [add]
02. Moment's Notice [add]
03. Big Time Cooper [add]
04. Au Privave [add]
05. Love Is a Many Splendored Thing [add]
06. It's a Lonesome Old Town [add]
07. Too Late to Fall Back Baby [add]
08. Our Waltz [add]

Mabern's Grooveyard (1998) 01. Grooveyard [add]
02. Lady Bird [add]
03. Jeanine [add]
04. A Hundred Years from Today [add]
05. Minority [add]
06. After Hours [add]
07. East of the Sun [add]
08. Aon [add]
09. Bubbles, Bangles, & Beads [add]

Maya with Love (2000) 01. To Maya Glenne With Love [add]
02. You Are Too Beautiful [add]
03. Hymn of the Orient [add]
04. A Song for Connie [add]
05. Lament [add]
06. Boogie for Al McShann [add]
07. Speak Low [add]
08. Little Girl Blue [add]
09. Blue Bossa [add]
10. Maybe September [add]
11. Begin the Beguine [add]

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