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Nancy Hopps lyrics
Genre: New Age
Relaxation/Affirmation Techniques (1994) 01. Introction/Instructions For [add]
02. Progressive Physical Relaxtion, Directly into Color Relaxation [add]
03. Instructions For [add]
04. Color Relaxation/Countdown [add]
05. Instructions For [add]
06. 66 Spoken Affirmations Voiced Over Ocean Sounds [add]

Deep Healing Sleep (2001) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Shifting Gears [add]
03. Mental Relaxation [add]
04. Progressive Relaxation [add]
05. Physical Relaxation Wave [add]
06. "I Am... " (Affirmations) [add]
07. Cradling Hands [add]
08. Countdown to Sleep [add]
09. Instrumental Interlude [add]

Finding the Peaceful Place Within (2001) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Relaxing... Letting Go... [add]
03. Being Here Now [add]
04. Returning... [add]
05. An Ocean of Calm [add]
06. Returning... [add]
07. Stillpoint [add]
08. Returning... [add]
09. Intro to Affirmations [add]
10. "I Am... " (Affirmations) [add]
11. Instrumental Interlude [Harp] [add]

Relax - Quick! (2001) 01. Section A: Introduction [add]
02. Section A: Balloon Breathing [add]
03. Section A: Breathing Awareness [add]
04. Section A: Affirmation Breathing [add]
05. Section A: Alternate Nostril Breathing [add]
06. Section A: Ratio Breathing [add]
07. Section A: Affirmations [add]
08. Section B: Introduction [add]
09. Section B: Silent Scream [add]
10. Section B: Color Triggers [add]
11. Section B: Sensory Awareness [add]
12. Section B: Past, Present, Future Thoughts [add]
13. Section B: Backpack Lightening [add]
14. Section B: Ideal Nature Scene [add]

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