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Willis "Gator" Jackson lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Blue Gator (0000) 01. Gator's Tail [add]
02. She's Funny That Way [add]
03. East Breeze [add]
04. This Nearly Was Mine [add]
05. Blue Gator [add]
06. Try a Little Tenderness [add]

Cool Grits (0000) 01. Memories of You [add]
02. Dinky's Mood [add]
03. Come Back to Sorrento [add]
04. Cool Grits [add]
05. 633 Knock [add]
06. Please Mr. Jackson [add]

Please Mr. Jackson (0000) 01. Cool Grits [add]
02. Come Back to Sorrento [add]
03. Dink's Mood [add]
04. Please Mr. Jackson [add]
05. 633 Knock [add]
06. Memories of You [add]

Together Again! (0000) 01. Three Little Words [add]
02. Glad a See Ya [add]
03. It Might as Well Be Spring [add]
04. This'll Get to Ya [add]
05. Tu'gether [add]

Cookin' Sherry (0000) 01. When I Fall in Love [add]
02. Where Are You? [add]
03. Sportin' [add]
04. Contrasts [add]
05. Cookin' Sherry [add]
06. Mellow Blues [add]

Thunderbird (0000) 01. Thunderbird [add]
02. California Sun [add]
03. Back and Forth [add]
04. Body and Soul [add]
05. A Penny Serenade [add]
06. Oh, Lady Be Good [add]

Bossa Nova Plus Shuckin' (0000) 01. Cachita [add]
02. I Left My Heart in San Francisco [add]
03. Amor [add]
04. Mama Inez [add]
05. What Kind of Fool am I? [add]
06. Shuckin' [add]

Neapolitan Nights (0000) 01. Arrivederci Roma [add]
02. Neapolitan Nights [add]
03. Volare [add]
04. Al-Di-La [add]
05. Mama [add]
06. Verdi's Vonce [add]

Loose (0000) 01. She's My Love [add]
02. Secret Love [add]
03. When My Dreamboat Comes Home [add]
04. Y'all [add]
05. After Hours [add]
06. What Will I Tell My Heart? [add]

Grease 'n' Gravy (0000) 01. Brother Elijah [add]
02. Doot Dat [add]
03. Gra-A-Avy [add]
04. Grease [add]
05. Stompin' at the Savoy [add]

More Gravy (0000) 01. Fiddin' [add]
02. More Gravy [add]
03. Nurther'n Like Thuther'n [add]
04. Pool Shark [add]
05. Somewhere Along the Way [add]
06. Struffin' [add]

Boss Shoutin' (0000) 01. Boss St Louis Blues [add]
02. Que Sera Sweetie [add]
03. Shoutin' [add]
04. Nice and Easy [add]
05. Your Wonderful Love [add]

Live! Action (0000) 01. Hello, Dolly! [add]
02. Annie Laurie [add]
03. Blowin' Like Hell [add]
04. Blue Gator [add]
05. I'm a Fool to Want You [add]
06. Gator Tail [add]
07. Satin Doll [add]

Live! Jackson's Action (0000) 01. Jackson's Action [add]
02. A Lot of Livin' to Do [add]
03. I Wish You Love [add]
04. Monkey Hips [add]
05. A'w Right Do It! [add]
06. Jive Samba [add]

Soul Night Live! (0000) 01. The Man I Love [add]
02. Perdido [add]
03. Thunderbird [add]
04. Polka Dots and Moonbeams [add]
05. All Soul [add]
06. Flamingo [add]
07. I Can't Stop Loving You [add]
08. One Mint Julep [add]
09. Lazy River [add]
10. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid [add]
11. Tangerine [add]
12. Ebb Tide [add]
13. Blue Gator [add]
14. Secret Love [add]

Tell It.... [live] (0000) 01. One Mint Julep [add]
02. I Can't Stop Loving You [add]
03. Lazy River [add]
04. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid [add]
05. Tangerine [add]
06. Ebb Tide [add]
07. Blue Gator [add]
08. Secret Love [add]

With Pat Martino (0000) 01. Bolita [add]
02. Single Action [add]
03. Blue Velvet [add]
04. Miss Ann [add]
05. Gator Whale [add]
06. My One and Only Love [add]
07. The Breeze and I [add]
08. The Goose Is Loose [add]

Smokin' with Willis (0000) 01. A Hard Day's Night [add]
02. And I Love Her [add]
03. Goose Pimples [add]
04. Who Can I Turn To? [add]
05. Yesterday [add]
06. Doin' the Mudcat [add]
07. On Broadway [add]

Star Bag (0000) 01. Star Bag [add]
02. The Girl from Ipanema [add]
03. Good to the Bone [add]
04. Smoke Rings [add]
05. Yellow Days [add]

Swivel Hips (0000) 01. Florence of Arabia [add]
02. Win, Lose or Draw [add]
03. By the Time I Get to Phoenix [add]
04. Swivel Hips [add]
05. In a Mellow Tone [add]
06. Ya Understand Me? [add]

Gator's Groove (0000) 01. Stolen Sweets [add]
02. Blue Jays [add]
03. A Day in the Life of a Fool [add]
04. Brother Ray [add]
05. This Is the Way I Feel [add]
06. Long Tall Dexter [add]

Mellow Blues (0000) 01. Mellow Blues [add]
02. Funky Sterling [add]
03. Cryin' [add]
04. Groove On [add]

Gatorade (0000) 01. Good Bread Alley [add]
02. Hey Jude [add]
03. Ivy [add]
04. Pow! [add]
05. The Long and Winding Road [add]
06. Gatorade [add]

Willis Jackson Recording Session (0000) 01. (Where Do I Begin) Love Story [add]
02. It's Too Late [add]
03. Ain't No Sunshine [add]
04. Don't Knock My Love [add]
05. What's Going On [add]
06. Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-Na-Boom-Boom) [add]
07. I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony) [add]
08. Soul Train [add]

In the Alley (0000) 01. More [add]
02. Niamani [add]
03. Blues Blues Blues [add]
04. Gator's Groove [add]
05. Young Man With a Horn [add]
06. In the Alley [add]

The Gator Horn (0000) 01. Ungawa [add]
02. You've Changed [add]
03. Hello Good Luck [add]
04. The Gator Horn [add]
05. This Always [add]
06. Gooseneck [add]

Bar Wars (0000) 01. Later [add]
02. Blue and Sentimental [add]
03. Bar Wars [add]
04. The Breeze and I [add]
05. The Goose Is Loose [add]
06. It's All Right With Me [add]
07. The Breeze and I [*] [add]
08. It's All Right With Me [*] [add]

Single Action (0000) 01. Evergreen [add]
02. Bolita [add]
03. Makin' Whoopee [add]
04. You Are the Sunshine of My Life [add]
05. Hittin' the Numbers [add]
06. Single Action [add]
07. Evergreen [alternate take] [add]

Lockin' Horns: Willis and Von Live at Laren (0000) 01. Pow! [add]
02. The Man I Love [add]
03. Troubled Times [add]
04. Summertime [add]
05. The Shadow of Your Smile [add]
06. Willis & Von [add]

Ya Understand Me? [live] (0000) 01. Body and Soul [add]
02. Ya Understand Me? [add]
03. My One and Only Love [add]
04. More [add]
05. The Head Tune [add]

Nothing Butt (0000) 01. Nuages [add]
02. Just the Way You Are [add]
03. Nothing Butt [add]
04. Hittin' and Missin' [add]
05. Autumn Leaves [add]
06. Move [add]

On My Own (1950) 01. Later for the Gator [add]
02. Call of the Gators [add]
03. On My Own [add]
04. Dance of the Lady Bug [add]
05. More Blues at Midnight [add]
06. Good Gliding [add]
07. Wine-O-Wine [add]
08. Street Scene (Sentimental Rhapsody) [add]
09. Harlem Nocturne [add]
10. Back Door [add]
11. Howling at Midnight [add]
12. We'll Be Together Again [add]
13. Cracker Jack [add]
14. Try a Little Tenderness [add]
15. Later For The Gator [add]
16. Estrellita [add]

Keep on a Blowin' (1959) 01. Keep on A-Blowin' [add]
02. How Deep Is the Ocean? [add]
03. On the Sunny Side of the Street [add]
04. Blue Strollin' [add]
05. The Man I Love [add]
06. A Smooth One [add]
07. Thunderbird [add]
08. Oh, Lady Be Good [add]
09. Back and Forth [add]
10. California Sun [add]
11. Body and Soul [add]
12. A Penny Serenade [add]

Cool Gator (1960) 01. How Deep Is the Ocean? [add]
02. The Man I Love [add]
03. A Smooth One [add]
04. Blue Strollin' [add]
05. On the Sunny Side of the Street [add]
06. Keep on A-Blowin' [add]

Really Groovin' (1961) 01. I Remember Clifford [add]
02. Cat Meal [add]
03. Sweet Peter Charleston [add]
04. A Twist of Blues [add]
05. Careless Love [add]
06. Again [add]
07. He Said, She Said, I Said [add]
08. Girl of My Dreams [add]

In My Solitude (1961) 01. Estrellita [add]
02. Home [add]
03. Nancy (With the Laughing Face) [add]
04. They Didn't Believe Me [add]
05. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen [add]
06. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child [add]
07. It Never Entered My Mind [add]
08. Solitude [add]

Gentle Gator (1961) 01. Solitude [add]
02. Estrellita [add]
03. Girl of My Dreams [add]
04. It Never Entered My Mind [add]
05. Al-Di-La [add]
06. Careless Love [add]
07. I Remember Clifford [add]
08. Again [add]
09. Amor [add]
10. Nancy (With the Laughing Face) [add]
11. Home [add]
12. They Didn't Believe Me [add]

The Good Life (1963) 01. Fly Me to the Moon [add]
02. The Good Life [add]
03. Days of Wine and Roses [add]
04. Angel Eyes [add]
05. As Long as She Needs Me [add]
06. Troubled Times [add]
07. Walk Right In [add]

Gator Tails (1964) 01. Swimmin' Home Baby [add]
02. Frankie and Johnny [add]
03. Crocodile [add]
04. On Broadway [add]
05. Skillet [add]
06. Someone to Watch over Me [add]
07. Early One Morning [add]
08. Lonesome Road [add]
09. I Almost Lost My Mind [add]

Together Again, Again (1966) 01. Gill's Pills [add]
02. Backtrack [add]
03. Without a Song [add]
04. Snake Crawl [add]
05. Angel Eyes [add]
06. Dancing on the Ceiling [add]
07. September Song [add]
08. Easy Living [add]
09. Deep Purple [add]
10. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [add]

Soul Grabber (1967) 01. The Song of Ossahna [add]
02. Sunny [add]
03. Girl Talk [add]
04. Ode to Billie Joe [add]
05. Sometimes I'm Happy [add]
06. Soul Grabber [add]
07. Rhode Island Red [add]
08. Alfie [add]
09. I Dig Rock & Roll Music [add]
10. These Blues Are Made for Walking [add]

The Way We Were (1975) 01. The Way We Were [add]
02. Lover's Eve [add]
03. Sideshow [add]
04. Brown Eyed Girl [add]
05. Love's Theme [add]
06. Fire [add]
07. Lady Marmalade [add]
08. Then Came You [add]
09. Shame, Shame, Shame [add]
10. Pick Up the Pieces [add]

Plays with Feeling (1976) 01. Recubah [add]
02. Feelings [add]
03. Singing Bass [add]
04. Young Man With a Horn [add]
05. Do Your Super Thing [add]
06. Bouquet [add]
07. Do It to It [add]
08. Something Good [add]

The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions: Live on Stage (2003) 01. Ya Understand Me [add]
02. Body and Soul [add]
03. More [add]
04. Satin Doll [#] [add]
05. My One and Only Love [add]
06. The Head Tune [add]
07. The Man I Love [#] [add]
08. Bar Wars [#] [add]

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