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Fredrik Thordendal lyrics
Genre: Rock
Sol Niger Within, Version 3.33 (1999) 01. The Beginning of the End of Extraction (Evolutional Slow Down) [add]
02. The Executive Furies of the Robot Lord of Death [add]
03. Descent to the Netherworld [add]
04. ...Och STJ Rnans Namn Var Mal RT [add]
05. Dante's Wild Inferno [add]
06. I. Galactus [add]
07. Skeletonization [add]
08. Sickness and Demoniacal Dreaming [add]
09. Uforia [add]
10. Zeta 1 - Reticuli [add]
11. Transmigration of Souls [add]
12. In Reality All Is Void [add]
13. Krapp's Last Tape [add]
14. Through Fear We Are Unconscious [add]
15. Death at Both Ends [add]
16. Bouncing in a Bottomless Pit [add]
17. The Sun Door [add]
18. Vitamin K Experience (A Homage to the Scientist/John Lilly) [add]
19. Sensorium Dei [add]
20. Zeta 2 - Reticuli [add]
21. De Profundis [add]
22. Existence Out of Joint [add]
23. On a Crater's Verge [add]
24. Solalrization [add]
25. The End of the Beginning of Contraction (Involutional Speed up/Prepara ... [add]
26. Tathagata [add]
27. Missing Time [*] [add]
28. Ooo Baby Baby [From the Album: Mats/Morgan-Trends and Other ...] [add]

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