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Toucan Pirates lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Battle Songs of the Toucan Pirates (1999) 01. Ships Are Sailing/Far from Home [add]
02. The Lilting Fisherman [add]
03. Jack a Tar [add]
04. Pigeon on the Mast [add]
05. The Staines Morris [add]
06. Colonel McBain [add]
07. The Crow's Nest/Blast of Wind [add]
08. The Rakes of Kildare/The New-Rigged Ship [add]
09. The Groves of Blackpool [add]
10. Lockjaw/Blackberry Blossom [add]
11. The Reconciliation [add]
12. The Scandy Set [add]
13. The Secret Set [add]
14. Fortune My Foe [add]
15. Hag at the Churn [add]

Sea Changes of the Toucan Pirates (2002) 01. Whiskey Before Breakfast [add]
02. Turpin Hero [add]
03. The Old-Rigged Ship [add]
04. The Flowing Tide [add]
05. The Jib Polka [add]
06. The Dingle Regatta [add]
07. Square da Mizzen [add]
08. Out in the Ocean [add]
09. The Rolling Wave [add]
10. Give Us a Drink of Water [add]
11. The Blackthorn Stick/Lock the Door [add]
12. The Fairie's Hornpipe [add]
13. The Nine Points of Roguery [add]
14. The Battle of Brisbane [add]
15. I'll Buy Boots for Maggie [add]
16. Pirate's Cove Medley [add]
17. Farewell to Whiskey [add]
18. Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me [add]

Buried Treasure of the Toucan Pirates (2004) 01. Down by the Ocean Tide (Air) [add]
02. Dunse Dings A' (Highland) [add]
03. Scotch Cap/Road to Lisdoonvarna (Single Jigs) [add]
04. Valencia Harbor (Air) [add]
05. Da Galley Watch (Reel) [add]
06. Forefit of the Ship/Hand Down the Tackle (Hornpipes) [add]
07. Freedom for Ireland/Little House in the Glen (Polkas) [add]
08. Childgrove (Air) [add]
09. Porthole of the Kelp (Reel) [add]
10. Song of the Mermaids [add]
11. Siubhan Ni Duibhir (Air) [add]
12. Three Captains (Long Dance) [add]
13. Garryowen (Double Jig) [add]
14. Drops of Brandy (Slip Jig) [add]
15. Maggie in the Woods (Polka) [add]
16. Music in the Glen (Reel) [add]
17. All the Way to Galway (Air) [add]
18. The Adventure Theme [add]
19. Yo Ho Ho & A Bottle of Rum (From Treasure Island) [add]

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