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Iron Horse lyrics
Genre: Celtic
The Iron Horse [KRL] (1992) 01. Aonach Mor Gondola/Annie's Wean/Glasgow Express [add]
02. Wha'll Be King But Charlie/Thro' the Heather [add]
03. The Lea Rig [add]
04. The Burning of Auchindoun/Turn Again [add]
05. The Cape Breton Fiddlers' Welcome to the Shetland Isles/Morag's No. ... [add]
06. The Antique Dealer/The Parting of the Hare [add]
07. The Travelling Peopl [add]
08. Miss Lynn Morrison [add]
09. The Iron Horse/The Glendale Festival [add]
10. When She Cam' Ben She Bobbit/The Anvil/Duncan Johnstone [add]

Tro Water, Earth & Stone (1997) 01. The Unknown [add]
02. For A' That [add]
03. The Piper's Bonnet [add]
04. Jamie [add]
05. The Poachers [add]
06. Cabbage Town [add]
07. Portuguese Train [add]
08. The Earl of Moray [add]
09. The Slow Strathspey [add]
10. The Hen's March [add]
11. Mother Martyr [add]

Voice of the Land (1997) 01. Voice of the Land [Original Version] [add]
02. Stray Peas [add]
03. The 8-Step Waltz [add]
04. The Rumbling Bridge [add]
05. Raindance [add]
06. Leannan Sith [add]
07. The White Mountains [add]
08. Voice of the Land [instrumental] [add]
09. Requiem/Fox's Glove [add]
10. Beyond the River [add]
11. Black Crows and Ravens [add]
12. Glen Tilt [add]
13. The Sheepwife [add]
14. Voice of the Land [Acid-Croft Mix] [add]

Demons & Lovers [Lochshore] (1997) 01. The Steampacket [add]
02. Auchindoon [add]
03. Park No 1 [add]
04. The Luthier [add]
05. The Traveller [add]
06. Anathea [add]
07. Glazgo [add]
08. Faith Healer [add]
09. The Elphin Knight [add]
10. The Demon Lover [add]
11. Caleo [add]
12. The Sleeping Warrior [add]

Five Hands High (2000) 01. The 8-Step Waltz [add]
02. A' Bhean Iadaich [add]
03. This Is No' My Plaid [add]
04. Stobieside Lodge/The Newe Jig/The Piddley 2-Step [add]
05. The Rubber Man/The Furrowed Brow/Alistair Paul's Return [add]
06. Glasgow Peggy [add]
07. The Linguist/Maclaine of Lochbuies/Twisted Fingers/Lochiel's Rant [add]
08. Inheritance [add]
09. The Lowlands of Holland [add]
10. The Bagad Reel/The Sheepwife [add]
11. The Heiress [add]
12. Fragment [add]
13. Northern Cross Rising/Northern Cross Rising, Pts. 1-3 [add]

The Iron Horse [Perris] (2000) 01. Run for the Border [add]
02. Don't Stop [add]
03. The Show Must Go On [add]
04. In My Wildest Dreams [add]
05. Redneck Rock N Roll [add]
06. Until We Fall in Love Again [add]
07. Signs of Life [add]
08. Shooting Star [add]
09. You Can Have What's Left of Me [add]
10. Let's Ride [add]
11. Dancing With the Devil [add]

Wind Shall Blow for Ever More (2004) 01. Jig Guingamp/Braces of Mayen/MacLeod's O'Rafferty [add]
02. Marstein/In Watercolour/Templewood [add]
03. Duncan Gray [add]
04. Da Grocer/The Bride's Reel/Birlin' in Brittany/The Cambridge Hornpipe [add]
05. The Twa Corbies [add]
06. Cille Choirill/Jim's Prayer [add]
07. Cara's Bite/Jump at the Sun/Jig of Life [add]
08. Helen of Kirkconnel [add]
09. Amber and Steel/Brook's Bouree [add]
10. I Love My Bouzouki/Hungarian Time/Bulgarian Red [add]
11. The Handsome Cabin Boy [add]
12. The Emigrant/West End Reel/The Clover Field [add]

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