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Rich Hardesty lyrics
Genre: Rock
Hard Boilered Alive (1995) 01. Can't Hide from You [add]
02. Little Hungover [add]
03. Hello Sanity [add]
04. Crush on a Lush [add]
05. Sugarcane [add]
06. Confirm the Reason [add]
07. Steady High [add]
08. People on the Hilltop [add]
09. Turtle Man [add]
10. Jack Your Jaw [add]
11. Intro-Live at Purdue [add]
12. Sittin on a Chair [add]
13. Doobie Song [add]
14. Rubber Band Song [add]
15. Never Wanna F'N See You Again-1 [add]
16. Never Wanna F'N See You Again -2 [add]
17. Chicken Song [add]
18. If Your Happy and You Know It [add]
19. Zuga [add]
20. Thanks Good Night [add]

Don't Worry Don't Hurry (2004) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Don't Worry Don't Hurry [add]
03. Sittin on a Chair (Jamaica Style) [add]
04. Easy Come Easy Go [add]
05. Hello Sanity [add]
06. Twist Me [add]
07. Confirm the Reason [add]
08. Rose Colored Lies [add]
09. Thank You for That Doobie [add]
10. I Never Wanna F'N See You Again [add]
11. Curious [add]
12. Epilog [add]
13. Steady High [add]

Jamaica Getaway (2004) 01. You're in Jamaica Now [add]
02. Lazy Days and Nights [add]
03. Typsy Daisy [add]
04. Yellow Bananas [add]
05. Sittin' on a Chair [add]
06. Rudy [add]
07. Zugga [add]
08. Jamaica Shakedown [add]
09. Tamboo Tavern [add]
10. Jamaica Me Crazy [add]
11. Reggae Sun [add]
12. Jahmerican [add]
13. Jah [add]
14. Rasta Vibrations [add]
15. Closed Season [add]
16. Rasta Man [add]

All Upset About Nothing (2004) 01. Hoozier Daddy [add]
02. Risky Business [add]
03. Paranoias Knocking [add]
04. Phuck You Song Live I.U. [add]
05. Chicken Song [add]
06. Pickled Parrot [add]
07. Easy Come Easy Go [add]
08. Fast Lane [add]
09. Sitting on a Chair Live I.U. [add]
10. Thank You for That Doobie Live I.U. [add]
11. Little Hungover Live I.U. [add]
12. Rubberband Live I.U. [add]
13. Jamaica Shakedown Street Live I.U. [add]
14. Tipsy Daisy Live I.U. [add]
15. Hoosier Daddy Acoustic Version [add]

Jones'n (2004) 01. Sittin on a Chair [add]
02. Peaceful Mind [add]
03. Sunday Morning [add]
04. The Dooby Song (Old School) [add]
05. Walking Down the Beach [add]
06. Never Wanna F'N See You Again (Old School) [add]
07. You Turn Me On [add]
08. I'll Do It for You [add]

Party Going On (2004) 01. Habbahoooooya [add]
02. Say Nothing [add]
03. Lazy [add]
04. Curious [add]
05. Fuck Me Eyes [add]
06. Post Card [add]
07. Don't Worry Don't Hurry [add]
08. You Say Where [add]
09. Granola Girl [add]

Rich Hardesty (2005) 01. The Lounge Act [add]
02. Fast Lane [add]
03. Rudy [add]
04. Sugar Cane [add]
05. Pass It Over [add]
06. Weekend's Gone [add]
07. Long Distance Song [add]
08. Curious [add]
09. Dusty Road [add]
10. Shallow Girl [add]
11. Green Sea [add]
12. Taboo [add]
13. Your Night [add]
14. Pickled Parrot [add]

Ganja Plantation (2006) 01. All My Friends Are Stoners lyrics
02. Thank You for That Dooby [add]
03. Granola Girl [add]
04. Peaceful Mind [add]
05. Fly a Kite [add]
06. Zuga [add]
07. Ganja Plantation [add]
08. Lazy [add]
09. You Say Where [add]
10. Steady High [add]
11. Fast Lane [add]
12. Twist Me [add]
13. The Lounge Act [add]
14. Totally Baked lyrics

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