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Colin Towns lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Bolt from the Blue (1997) 01. Smack & Thistle [add]
02. Music to Type To [add]
03. Tears for a Traveller [add]
04. A Sixpence Is a Long Shilling [add]
05. A Dream of Pain [add]
06. The Magnificent Whittlin' Stomp [add]
07. Completely Lost [add]
08. Not Waving But Drowning [add]
09. Solitude [add]
10. Bolt from the Blue [add]
11. Truth, Beauty, Compassion, Dignity [add]

Still Life (1998) 01. Still Life [add]
02. The Winds of Change [add]
03. Watching John [add]
04. Figure on the Rocks [add]
05. Black and White [add]
06. Perfume [add]
07. Woman of Comfort (The Nighte Before the Battle) [add]
08. Recurring Dream [add]
09. Lilac [add]
10. South Bank [add]

Dreaming Man with Blue Suede Shoes (1999) 01. Dreaming Man With Blue Suede Shoes (Self Portrait) [add]
02. The Tea Shop [add]
03. Doves of Place [add]
04. Nighthawks [add]
05. Still Life [add]
06. John Deth [add]
07. Shining a Light on Gods' Footprints [add]

Another Think Coming (2004) 01. Heated Think Tank [add]
02. I Am the Walrus [add]
03. Prayer [add]
04. Another Think Coming [add]
05. Andrew Hill and Far Away [add]
06. Hot Lips [add]
07. Double Speak [add]
08. Trash Talk [add]
09. Reverie [add]
10. Roaring at the Savoy [add]
11. Bolt from the Blue [CD-ROM Track] [add]

Nowhere & Heaven (2004) 01. Skin Treatment [add]
02. Slow Dancing [add]
03. Dance Fantastique [add]
04. Standing Female Nude [add]
05. Blue-Noir [add]
06. Nowhere & Heaven [add]
07. Tears for a Traveller [add]
08. Screech [add]
09. Is the Sky Early? [add]
10. The Shout [add]
11. Short Stories Suite: Strange Circus [add]
12. Short Stories Suite: Intimate Marching [add]
13. Short Stories Suite: Night Train Window Face [add]
14. Short Stories Suite: Passing Clouds With Cool Winds Blowing [add]
15. Short Stories Suite: Far Off Whispers [add]
16. Short Stories Suite: Turning Wicked [add]
17. Short Stories Suite: Hot or What? [add]
18. Short Stories Suite: Forbidden Talk [add]
19. Short Stories Suite: Provocateur [add]
20. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) [add]
21. Nocturne [add]

Orpheus Suite (2004) 01. The Argonauts Hit Town [add]
02. Love and the Sweet Farewell [add]
03. Aristaeus and the Moisturisers [add]
04. The Opium Flower Trap [add]
05. 40 One Night Stands [add]
06. Stepping in Tears of Sadness [add]
07. The Hellfire Club [add]
08. Orpheus and Eurydice [add]
09. Ripped to Ribbons [add]
10. Sacred Concert [add]
11. John [add]

Frank Zappa's Hot Licks (2005) 01. Introduction & Anthem [add]
02. Peaches en Regalia [add]
03. Eat That Question [add]
04. Let's Make the Water Turn Black [add]
05. Watermelon in Easter Hay [add]
06. Brown Shoes Don't Make It [add]
07. Willie the Pimp [add]
08. King Kong [add]
09. A Pound for a Brown (On the Bus) [add]
10. Waka Jawaka [add]
11. Stevie's Spanking [add]
12. Sinister Footwear- 2nd MVT. [add]
13. Little Umbrellas/Big Swifty [add]
14. Black Napkins [add]
15. Be-Bop Tango [add]
16. G-Spot Tornado [add]

It's Later Than You Think (2006) 01. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [add]
02. Big Yellow Taxi [add]
03. 15 Petals [add]
04. Sisters of Mercey [add]
05. Watching John [add]
06. Liberty City [add]
07. Feels Like Home [add]
08. Take the Fllor [add]
09. Harlem Nocturne/Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [add]

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