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Hellfish lyrics
Genre: Electronica
No Mistakes Allowed (2000) 01. Brainwave [add]
02. King of the Vari: Speed [add]
03. Structally Un [Sound Rmx] [add]
04. Martian Ambassador [add]
05. Religion II (Bringer of War) [add]
06. Ultimate Damage [add]
07. Psychotic Breakz [add]
08. Do You Like? [add]
09. The Crippler [add]
10. Screamers Revenge [add]
11. No More Rock & Roll [add]
12. Hardcore Body Harvest [add]
13. The DJ Producer Takes Deathchant to the Butchers [add]

Meat Machine Broadcast System (2001) 01. Canaboid (3814 Joints Later) [add]
02. Radical Digital [add]
03. Control Freak [add]
04. Bring on the Hurricane Pain (24&0) [add]
05. R.I.P. [add]
06. Guerrillas on the Piss [add]
07. Meat Broadcast System [add]
08. Dangerous Turd [add]
09. Emperoronics [add]
10. Man vs Machine [add]
11. Speeddrinking [add]
12. News Head [add]
13. Pandora's Dirtbox [add]

Constant Mutation (2002) 01. Kicks in Unparalleled [add]
02. No More Rock'n'roll [Koala Fish Mutant Bird Mix] [add]
03. The Way of the Homeboy, Pt. 2 (The Winter of Discontent) [add]
04. The Teknologikal Revolutionary [add]
05. Compression Warrior [add]
06. Ultimate Damage '98 [add]
07. The Uridium Project [add]
08. Deck Fuel (Adventures for the Sonically Deprivated) [add]
09. First Wave [add]
10. Turntable Savage [add]
11. Head Grit [add]
12. Spitting Blood [add]

One Man Sonic Attack Force (2005) 01. U Don't Quit [add]
02. Theme from Fuck Daddy Remix [add]
03. Iron Hand [add]
04. Big Bald Fuck [add]
05. Rampage @ 218 [add]
06. Gnomes Tinker with Time [add]
07. Pill Lesson [add]
08. Getting' Paid 4or Doin' Shit [add]
09. Wolfman [add]
10. Parisiens, Marseilleises & Some Cunt from Russia [add]

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