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Heaters lyrics
Genre: Rock
Raw Heat (1996) 01. Introduction/Centerline [live] [add]
02. What Have I Done Wrong? [live] [add]
03. Can't Have You [live] [add]
04. Just Let Me Know [live] [add]
05. Caught in the Act [live] [add]
06. Switchin' Yard [live] [add]
07. Lorraine [live] [add]
08. Raw Heat [live] [add]
09. It's No Good [add]
10. Bad Shape [add]
11. Somebody Missin' Somebody [add]
12. Ruff Stuff [Ruff Mix] [add]
13. Straight to the Border [add]
14. Don't Need No Reason [add]
15. Los Calentadores [add]

Ruff Stuff (1996) 01. Ruff Stuff [add]
02. Mean Old Man [add]
03. At the Levee [add]
04. Wall of Shame [add]
05. I'm Hip [add]
06. Good Boy [add]
07. Won't Be Too Soon [add]
08. Have You Changed Your Mind, Pt. 3 [add]
09. Ten Dollar Thrill [add]

Living in a Sitcom (1998) 01. Living in a Sitcom [add]
02. That Boy (Wants to Be a Girl) [add]
03. He Treats Her Like a Trophy [add]
04. All I Want to Do [add]
05. Everything I Do Makes Her Mad [add]
06. I'm Down [add]
07. This Brutal Place [add]
08. Love U 2 Nite [add]
09. Look in the Mirror [add]

I Want the Blues for Christmas (2000) 01. I Want the Blues for Christmas [add]
02. Spider Headed Woman [add]
03. Don't Step on My Heart [add]

Up Jumped the Devil (2000) 01. What's the Skinny [add]
02. Maybe I'm a Fool [add]
03. Raw on My Brain [add]
04. (I've Been) Waitin' So Long [add]
05. Devil on My Back [add]
06. Jump Back [add]
07. Spider Headed Woman [add]
08. Step on My Heart [add]
09. Moonshine Whiskey [add]
10. What I Am [add]
11. Love Is a Jungle [add]

Live and Live Again (2002) 01. Have an Idea [add]
02. When You're Mine [add]
03. Sorry Girls [add]
04. Nights with You [add]
05. Some Other Guy [add]
06. Remember Me [add]
07. Ordinary Girls [add]
08. She Don't Mind [add]
09. Call Yourself a Man [add]
10. I Don't Like Your Face [add]
11. Night Shift [add]
12. Divorcee [add]
13. Questions Questions [add]
14. Plane Crash [add]
15. Pull the Wool [add]
16. Let's All Smoke [add]
17. New Saddle [add]
18. She Belongs to Me [add]
19. Some Other Guy [add]
20. Night Shift [add]
21. Ordinary Girls [add]
22. Heartbreak USA [add]
23. Let's All Smoke [add]
24. Sorry Girls [add]
25. Count on Me [add]
26. When You're Mine [add]
27. I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better [add]
28. Dodge City [add]
29. Have an Idea [add]
30. Disgusted [add]
31. Walkin' on the Edge [add]
32. Nights with You [add]
33. Divorcee [add]
34. Cowboy Up [add]
35. Every Single Lie [add]
36. She Don't Mind [add]
37. Living in the DMZ [add]
38. Call Yourself a Man [add]
39. I Don't Like Your Face [add]

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