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Sarah Barchas lyrics
Genre: Folk
Seasons of Life: Reflections in Song (2002) 01. Seasons of Life [add]
02. Child of Life [add]
03. Whatever the Past Was [add]
04. Make Time for Wildflowers [add]
05. A Little Patch of Rainbow [add]
06. Do It and Get Through It [add]
07. We Are the Dreams We Have [add]
08. Words Unsaid [add]
09. Memories [add]
10. There's Hope [add]
11. Everybody Can Know About Heartache [add]
12. Hey, World, I'm Me [add]
13. Wings of Hope [add]
14. When You Remember Me [add]
15. Down Through the Ages [add]
16. We're Each a Part of This World [add]
17. Reflections on Seasons of Life [add]

Bridges Across the World: A Multicultural ... (2004) 01. Children of the World Say Hello [add]
02. Myself, My People, My World [add]
03. In Books, In Books [add]
04. One Two Three [add]
05. Chay Chay Koolay [add]
06. Kookaburra [add]
07. Shango [add]
08. Japanese Rain Song [add]
09. Everyone Has Feelings [add]
10. Oh How Lovely Is the Evening [add]
11. Wosho Paiute Bannock Lullaby [add]
12. Please [add]
13. Thank You [add]
14. All Across This Wide Wide World [add]
15. It Takes Each One to Make This World a Little Bit Better [add]
16. Happy Birthday Around the World [add]
17. Cuckoo [add]
18. Sleigh Bells [add]
19. Hava Nagila [add]
20. De Colores [add]
21. All the Colors [add]
22. Frere Jacques [add]
23. One Light, One Sun (Raffi) [add]
24. Funga Alafia [add]
25. We Shall Overcome [add]
26. If You Will Be My Friend [add]
27. Yes/No [add]
28. Peace [add]
29. Bridges Across the World [add]
30. Time to Say Goodbye [add]

Pinata! & More! Bilingual Songs for Children (2004) 01. Pinata! [add]
02. De Colores [add]
03. All the Colors [add]
04. The 16th of September [add]
05. Cinco de Mayo [add]
06. Las Mananitas [add]
07. Es el Dia de Dar Gracias [add]
08. It's the Day of Thanksgiving [add]
09. Oh How Delicious Are Hot Tamales [add]
10. Arco Iris [add]
11. Hispanic Americans [add]
12. In Spanish, En Espanol [add]
13. Mi Granja (My Farm) [add]
14. Red Bird [add]
15. Pajaro Rojo [add]
16. Los Pollitos/Little Chicks [add]
17. Mariposa [add]
18. Leamos! Let's Read! [add]
19. Languages We Speak [add]
20. It's Fun to Be Bilingual [add]

If I Had a Pony: Animal Activity Songs (2004) 01. If I Had a Pony [add]
02. Millions and Millions of Years Ago [add]
03. Jump Like a Kangaroo [add]
04. A World of Colors [add]
05. Five Little Monkeys [add]
06. At the Circus [add]
07. When a Big Fat Hippopotamus Is Yawning [add]
08. Raccoon's Tail [add]
09. A Puppy [add]
10. A Kitten [add]
11. Pop Goes the Weasel [add]
12. The Green Leaves Grew All Around [add]
13. Hundreds of Chicks [add]
14. With a Wiggle and a Hiss [add]
15. My Farm [add]
16. Little Chicks [add]
17. Turkey in the Straw [add]
18. Stop at the Pet Shop [add]
19. Why Did You Follow Me? [add]
20. Walking in the Woods [add]
21. Down by the Bay [add]
22. Rattle, Rattle, Rattle and a Shake, Shake, Shake [add]
23. What Happened to the Dinosaurs? [add]
24. I Had a Rooster [add]

Living with the Land: Songs of Ranch Life (2005) 01. Living with the Land - Prologue [add]
02. Move 'em Along [add]
03. Caballito [add]
04. Rain Prayer [add]
05. Siempre Viva [add]
06. Cows Make a Living [add]
07. Horses of My Dreams [add]
08. Rain Is Falling [add]
09. Granny Cow [add]
10. Windmill Song [add]
11. I'll Go Riding [add]
12. If I Don't Take Care of the Land [add]
13. This Old House [add]
14. Living with the Land - Finale [add]

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