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Bob Helm lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Bob Helm's Riverside Roustabouts (0000) 01. Riverside Shake [add]
02. Dawn Club Boys [add]
03. Back Side O' Town [add]
04. Doin' the Plymouth Rock [add]
05. How'm I Gonna Do It [add]
06. I Don't Want Anymore [add]
07. Seagull Strut [add]
08. Daybreak Blues [add]

San Francisco Style (1956) 01. Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (Theme) [add]
02. Cake Walking Babies from Home [add]
03. Antigha Blues [add]
04. Beale Street Blues [add]
05. Chattanooga Stomp [add]
06. Jazzin' Babies Blues [add]
07. Snake Rag [add]
08. Pineapple Rag [Rhythm Only] [add]
09. Dawn Club Boys [add]
10. Riverside Shake [add]
11. Doin' the Plymouth Rock [add]
12. Back Side O' Town [add]
13. How'm I Gonna Do It [add]
14. I Don't Want Anymore [add]
15. Seagull Strut [add]

Hotter Than That (1998) 01. Sugar Foot Strut [add]
02. Lonesome Blues [add]
03. Give Me Your Telephone Number [add]
04. Steal Away [add]
05. Put 'Em Down Blues [add]
06. Everybody Loves My Baby [add]
07. Weary Blues [add]
08. Alligator Crawl [add]
09. Livin' High (Sometimes) [add]
10. Texas Moaner Blues [add]
11. The Last Time [add]
12. Too Tight [add]
13. Too Busy [add]
14. Daddy Do [add]
15. Sunset Cafe Stomp [add]
16. Richard M. Jones Blues [add]
17. Wait Till You See My Baby Do the Charleston [add]
18. Hotter Than That [add]
19. Kansas City Man Blues [add]
20. Anywhere Sweetie Goes (I'll Be There) [add]

Ma'N Bessie Blues & Jazz Review: Act 1 (1999) 01. Rabbit Foot Hop [add]
02. Billy Goat Stomp [add]
03. Moonshine Blues [add]
04. Dat's Music to Me [add]
05. Cold in Hand Blues [add]
06. Smoky Mokes [add]
07. You're a No 'Count Triflin' Man [add]
08. What Makes My Baby Cry? [add]
09. Poor House Blues [add]
10. Do It Baby [add]
11. When y Ou Were a Girl of Seven [add]
12. Soft Petal Blues [add]
13. Come Back Sweet Papa [add]
14. Weeping Willow Blues [add]
15. Moonlight Blues [add]
16. Gone Daddy Blues [add]
17. Atlanta Rag [add]
18. Keyhole Blues [add]
19. Take Me for a Buggy Ride [add]
20. It Takes a Good Man [add]
21. Weary Blues [add]

Ma'N Bessie Blues & Jazz Review: Act 2 (1999) 01. Tiger Moan [add]
02. Hear Me Talkin' to You [add]
03. Chicken Reel [add]
04. Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan) [add]
05. Boodle Am Shake [add]
06. I Can't Do That [add]
07. California Blues [add]
08. It's Tight Like That [add]
09. Soon This Morning [add]
10. Willie the Weeper [add]
11. Barrelhouse Blues [add]
12. Just Gone [add]
13. My Sweetie Went Away [add]
14. Pretty Lil [add]
15. You Can't Shush Katie (The Gabbiest Girl in Town) [add]
16. Banjo Blues [add]
17. Don't Fish in My Sea [add]
18. What's the Matter Now? [add]
19. Yes, I'm in the Barrel [add]
20. There'll Be No Freebies (At Miss Jenny's Ball) [add]
21. Rollin' Mill [add]

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