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Short Term Hedonist lyrics
Genre: Rock
Volume 1 (2004) 01. In the Morning [add]
02. A Man of Simple Pleasures [add]
03. When She Gets Curious [add]
04. At This Very Moment Somewhere in the World [add]
05. I Don't Want To [add]
06. Swiss Cheese [add]
07. The Man With the Drill [add]
08. Suede Dog [add]
09. The Twilight Is Setting In [add]
10. Little Birds of Sweet Memory [add]
11. Happiness/Sorrow [add]
12. Nothin' to Lose (But Your Mind) [add]
13. Back in the Day [add]
14. Jellyfish Kiss [add]
15. Coffee [add]
16. World We Know [add]
17. She Threw It All Away [add]
18. Grant's Bucket Bong [add]
19. Analogue Warmth [add]

Volume 2 (2005) 01. There's a Little Man at the End of the Garden [add]
02. English Girl [add]
03. Gingerwitch [add]
04. Just Let Me Know Your Name [add]
05. Dream of Angels [add]
06. I'm Lovin' Your Mind [add]
07. Isn't That the Way [add]
08. People in Ya Life [add]
09. Kitchen Waltz [add]
10. I'm Seeing the Beauty [add]
11. Snake Song [add]
12. He's So Mellow [add]
13. Yma Sumac [add]
14. When a Friendship Dies [add]
15. Mel in the Morning [add]
16. Virgo's Ego [add]
17. Unravelling [add]

Volume 3 (2005) 01. Can't Get Below [add]
02. Hurry on Down to the Wrecking Ball [add]
03. C'mon, C'mon [add]
04. On the Soaky Beach [add]
05. Treeshade [add]
06. Would You Like to Dance with Me? [add]
07. I'm Loving Your Mind (Band Version) [add]
08. May Peace Be with You [add]
09. Must Be the Season [add]
10. Hey-Aah! [add]
11. Money Over Love [add]
12. You're the Skin That Keeps Me In [add]
13. Julie Patchouli [add]
14. I Give You This Song [add]
15. One Way or Another [add]
16. Snot Factory [add]
17. The Dark Hills [add]
18. The Good Times Are Here and Now [add]
19. Waiting for the Rain [add]
20. Sometimes I Get Lonely [add]

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