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The Outfield lyrics
Genre: Rock
Play Deep (1985) 01. Say It Isn't So [add]
02. Your Love lyrics
03. I Don't Need Her [add]
04. Everytime You Cry [add]
05. 61 Seconds [add]
06. Mystery Man [add]
07. All the Love [add]
08. Talk to Me [add]
09. Taking My Chances [add]
10. Nervous Alibi [add]

Bangin' (1986) 01. Somewhere in America [add]
02. Bangin' on My Heart [add]
03. No Surrender [add]
04. Moving Target [add]
05. Long Way Home [add]
06. Playground [add]
07. Alone with You [add]
08. Main Attraction [add]
09. Better Than Nothing [add]
10. Since You've Been Gone [add]

Voices of Babylon (1989) 01. Voices of Babylon [add]
02. My Paradise [add]
03. Part of Your Life [add]
04. Shelter Me [add]
05. The Night Ain't Over [add]
06. No Point [add]
07. Taken by Surprise [add]
08. Reach Out [add]
09. Makin' Up [add]
10. Inside Your Skin [add]

Diamond Days (1991) 01. Take It All [add]
02. Eye to Eye [add]
03. For You lyrics
04. John Lennon [add]
05. Magic Seed [add]
06. Unrespectable [add]
07. Burning Blue [add]
08. Raintown Boys [add]
09. One Night in Heaven [add]
10. After the Storm [add]

Rockeye (1992) 01. Winning It All [add]
02. Closer to Me [add]
03. The Way It Should Be [add]
04. Under a Stone [add]
05. Young Love [add]
06. Jane [add]
07. Take Me Home [add]
08. Tonight You're Mine [add]
09. On the Line [add]
10. Stranger in My Town [add]
11. Going Back [add]

Extra Innings (1999) 01. Heaven's Little Angel [add]
02. Lay Down [add]
03. Certain Kinda' Love [add]
04. Kiss the Rain [add]
05. Girl of Mine [add]
06. Midnight Moves [add]
07. Dance the Night Away [add]
08. Slow Motion [add]
09. Talking 'Bout Us [add]
10. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend [add]
11. One Love [add]
12. It's a Crime [add]
13. Chic Lorraine [add]
14. Out to Lunch [add]
15. They Can't Knock You Down Again [add]

Any Time Now (2006) 01. No Fear [add]
02. Wasted [add]
03. This Love Affair [add]
04. Long Walk Back (From Nowhere) [add]
05. I Can't Wait [add]
06. It's All About Love [add]
07. There She Goes [add]
08. The Sound of Love [add]
09. Give It All You Got [add]
10. Photograph [add]
11. Rainbow's End [add]
12. Peace [add]

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