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Heidi Sigfalk & Stef Sigfalk & the Bow Triplets lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Irish Connection (1996) 01. Will Ye Go (Wild Mountain Thyme) [add]
02. George Brabazon & Swallow's Tail Reel [add]
03. Green Is Flacarry & Harvest Home [add]
04. Frosty Morning Reel [add]
05. Foxhunter's Jig & The Musical Priest [add]
06. The Unquiet Grave [add]
07. Curragh of Kildare [add]
08. Jack of All Trades [add]
09. Hard Times [add]
10. Blue Butterfly [add]
11. Apprentice Song Set [add]
12. Easy & Slow [add]
13. The Wounded Hussar [add]
14. Sheahan's Gig [add]
15. Irish Washerwoman and Soldier's Joy [add]
16. Double Shuffle in Irish [add]
17. Orange Blossom Special [add]
18. Gin & Raspberries [add]

Never Too Early (2000) 01. King of the Fairies [add]
02. Not the First Time [add]
03. Drowsy Maggie Set [add]
04. Here's a Great Night [add]
05. Courtin' Rachel [add]
06. Never Too Early [add]
07. Mrs. Hamilton Set [add]
08. Red Headed Bee & Bee's Jig [add]
09. Staten Island and Cooley's Reel [add]
10. The Galway Rover [add]
11. Kerry Polkas [add]
12. Klinga Mina Klockor [add]
13. Guide Me to My Gold [add]
14. The Girl You Left Behind [add]
15. Ashokan Farewell [add]
16. Devil's Dream and Sailor's Hornpipe [add]
17. If You're Home Before Me [add]

One Spot on Earth (2002) 01. Big John McNeal [add]
02. One Spot on Earth [add]
03. The Dance of the Honeybee & The Spey [add]
04. Meghan & Robin [add]
05. Open Sky/Meghan's Reel/Canal Jig [add]
06. Cock of the North [add]
07. The Boys from Blue Hill Set [add]
08. Lord of the Dance & Dance of the Lord [add]
09. Sam's Big Day [add]
10. Gladan [add]
11. The Old Girl [add]
12. Walsh's Hornpipe & Peacock's Feather [add]
13. Captain My Captain [add]
14. Trans Canada [add]
15. The Tinkerman's Daughter [add]
16. Miramis [add]

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